Theatre Performance

The theatre performance concentration enables the student to explore and develop acting skills. Core courses in the concentration delve into the craft and its fundamental elements. Students learn how to move their bodies and use their voices, to collaborate, to examine a scene and rehearse consciously. The advanced acting sequence emphasizes character development and improvisation practices, culminating in the performance of a complex, multi-layered character.

Throughout your training, you will work with different faculty members with expertise in different areas. In addition to the core courses, students can pursue performance electives that include improvisation and directing. Aspiring performers interested in musical theatre can gain theoretical and practical knowledge through courses such as Musical Theater Scene Study, Music Theatre Workshop, and Acting the Song. Approach music and lyrics from the actor’s perspective and understand how songs can deepen the story.

Admission into the theatre program does not require an audition. Auditions are required for students desiring admittance into the upper-level acting sequence. There are audition and performance opportunities in mainstage productions every semester. Interested students can also take part in productions presented by the Student Theatre Production Board.

Upper-Level Auditions

All students desiring admittance into the upper-level acting courses must audition, usually after completing their sophomore year.

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