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Trainers, Liaisons & Affiliates

ATLE Certified trainers

In recognition of our role serving the campus community as experts in presentations and workshops, ATLE has developed a program to certify participants once they have been trained by ATLE on workshop design, development, and delivery. This program is open to faculty, graduate students, adjuncts, and university staff.

The program consists of attending a kick-off workshop (announced to the ATLE listserv) that introduces the basics of workshop design, and then working individually with ATLE to develop a unique workshop of your choosing that matches our design specifications. Participants are then issued a certificate in recognition.

Faculty Liaisons

The Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence recognizes faculty members who wish to serve as a communication bridge between their home departments/schools and ATLE. We urge all departments/schools to nominate a Faculty Liaison, who would be asked to fulfill the following commitments:

  • Join the ATLE listserv and forward relevant announcements to colleagues
  • Keep ATLE apprised of any department-specific needs with which ATLE can assist
  • Review applications for the annual TA Awards (participation is voluntary)

The total commitment for the year is only a few hours, and this service to the University is recognized by a certificate from ATLE at the conclusion of the academic year.


2018-2019 Faculty Liaisons 

     *   Gil Ben-Herut, Religious Studies
     *   Susan Ariew, USF Library
     *   Mariaelena Bartesaghi,  Communication
     *   Chantale Bégin, Integrative Biology
     *   Keli Burns,  Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Comm
     *   Ya-Hui Cheng, Music
     *   Amanda Depippo, Child and Family Studies
     *   Steve (Scuba) Gary, School of Information
     *   Alessio Gasper, Computer Science and Engineering
     *   Bliss Kohlmyer, Theatre & Dance
     *   Randi Latzke, Department of Teaching and Learning
     *   Ráchael Powers, Criminology
     *   Heike Scharm, World Languages
     *   John Schmidt, Naval Sciences
     *   Mor Segev, Philosophy
     *   Andrea Smith, Communication Sciences and Disorders
     *   Ashok Upadhyaya, Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology
     *   Ismail Uysal, Electrical Engineering

2017-2018 Faculty Liaisons


2016-2017 Faculty Liaisons


Faculty Affiliates

In addition to ATLE's full-time, professional staff, Faculty Affiliates contribute to ATLE's mission by offering direct instructional support for a variety of ATLE-sponsored workshops and/or events related to teaching and learning.

Faculty Affiliates