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Faculty Liaisons & Affiliates

Faculty Liaisons

The Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence recognizes faculty members who wish to serve as a communication bridge between their home departments/schools and ATLE. We urge all departments/schools to nominate a Faculty Liaison, who would be asked to fulfill the following commitments:

  • Join the ATLE listserv and forward relevant announcements to colleagues
  • Keep ATLE apprised of any department-specific needs with which ATLE can assist
  • Review applications for the annual TA Awards (participation is voluntary)

The total commitment for the year is only a few hours, and this service to the University is recognized by a certificate from ATLE at the conclusion of the academic year.


2018-2019 Faculty Liaisons 

     *   Gil Ben-Herut, Religious Studies
     *  Susan Ariew, USF Library
     *   Mariaelena Bartesaghi,  Communication
     *   Chantale Bégin, Integrative Biology
     *   Keli Burns,  Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Comm
     *   Ya-Hui Cheng, Music
     *   Amanda Depippo, Child and Family Studies
     *   Steve (Scuba) Gary, School of Information
     *   Alessio Gasper, Computer Science and Engineering
     *   Bliss Kohlmyer, Theatre & Dance
     *   Randi Latzke, Department of Teaching and Learning
     *   Ráchael Powers, Criminology
     *   Heike Scharm, World Languages
     *   John Schmidt, Naval Sciences
     *   Mor Segev, Philosophy
     *   Andrea Smith, Communication Sciences and Disorders
     *   Ashok Upadhyaya, Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology
     *   Ismail Uysal, Electrical Engineering

2017-2018 Faculty Liaisons


2016-2017 Faculty Liaisons


Faculty Affiliates

In addition to ATLE's full-time, professional staff, Faculty Affiliates contribute to ATLE's mission by offering direct instructional support for a variety of ATLE-sponsored workshops and/or events related to teaching and learning.

Faculty Affiliates