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kevin yee

Kevin Yee, Ph.D.
kyee (at) usf.edu  | Website | Curriculum Vita

Sara Friedman

Sara Friedman, M.S.
Learning and Development Facilitator
spfriedm@usf.edu | Website | Curriculum Vita 


Emad Mansour, Ph.D.
Learning and Development Facilitator
emansour@usf.edu | Website | Curriculum Vita


Oana Cimpean, Ph.D.
Learning and Development Facilitator
oanacimpean@usf.edu | Website | Curriculum Vitae


Amanda Helip-Wooley, Ph.D.
Learning and Development Facilitator
ahelip@usf.edu | Website | Curriculum Vita

Ashley Taylor

Ashley Potts
Graduate Student Assistant

 Donvante Lavilis

Donvante Lavilis
Student Assistant


Janice Zgibor

Janice Zgibor, RPh, Ph.D., CPH, FACE
ATLE Faculty Development Fellow, Public Health
Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Pharmacy


Former Staff


typical roles of Faculty Developers

A career in faculty development (or, as we now call it, "educational development") is richly rewarding, infinitely varied, and intellectually stimulating via its innate inter-, multi-, and cross-disciplinary intersections. Educational developers reap the enormous satisfaction of providing assistance to peers who are grateful for the ideas and suggested methodologies. Most importantly, we positively impact the lives of thousands of students through the multiplier effect of our influence on the front-line faculty. If ever you wanted to make a difference in the world, this career is the place to do it.

Educational developers juggle multiple projects at the same time, which creates a pleasing variety of material to switch between when considering what daily tasks might look like. It is never boring in Educational Development! In a single year, an educational developer in ATLE might do all of the following tasks: