Faculty Events

The Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) hosts several events that may be of interest to full-time faculty (Professors, Associate/Assistant Professors, and Instructors) on the USF Tampa campus. In addition to the workshops ATLE offers, faculty may be interested in participating in the following events:

  • Canvas Camp: A one-day event, co-hosted with Innovative Education, that will offer workshops and best practices on using Canvas.
  • Celebration of Teaching: a one-day event featuring a poster session that recognizes and shares the great teaching strategies, techniques, and practices used by faculty at USF.
  • Faculty Learning Communities: Cross-disciplinary groups of faculty who engage in a semester-long (typically Fall) exploration of a topic related to teaching and/or learning.
  • Faculty Book Club: An informal, cross-disciplinary gathering of USF faculty who meet to discuss a variety of books related to teaching and learning.
  • International Teachers' Day: A face-to-face single-day event to familiarize instructors and teaching assistants of international origin what to expect from American students, how to minimize language and accent issues, and how to leverage best practices in teaching to avoid problems that could otherwise crop up.
  • New Faculty Orientation: A day-long teaching seminar during the annual New Faculty Orientation (NFO), which is hosted by the Provost's Office and supported by several other campus units.
  • Peer Observation Groups: An informal opportunity for USF faculty to observe each other's classes in small teams, under standing rules to merely observe and learn, rather than provide feedback or evaluative comments. In this fashion, the exchange stays non-threatening for all partners.
  • Summer Teaching Symposium: A multi-day event that focuses on teaching and learning strategies and renewal ideas for faculty members.
  • Teaching Fair: Start the academic year with a showcase of teaching best practices, tips, campus resources, games and prizes.
  • Teaching Squares: 4-member cohorts comprised of faculty from different academic disciplines who support each other during their initial year of teaching at USF.
  • Tech Camp: An informal, day-long, drop-by seminar, held each summer, where various technologies for teaching are demonstrated.
  • USF Teaching Essentials: An online course (free to USF instructional personnel) discussing best practices in teaching, from writing quizzes and delivering lectures, to effective classroom management and strong course design. This resource is available in Canvas, the university's learning management software (LMS).