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August 5-6, 2014
8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Refresh and Renew: Faculty engaged in workshops about teaching techniques and strategies in a  breakout/conference format, and had opportunities to discuss, mix, and exchange teaching stories and best practices with other faculty members from around campus.


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Breakout Sessions

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Using Mobile Technologies to Engage Students—Christina Partin
Bring your cell phone, tablet, or laptop to this interactive session! Learn how to engage your students with technology in the classroom—no experience needed!

Scenarios of Common Teaching Dilemmas—Floyd Ballard
Come join us for a fun and lively discussion about dealing with our common teaching dilemmas here at USF. We'll use a deck of cards to work our way through the wide range of challenges that faculty face, from motivating students to grading best practices. Click here for the HANDOUT.

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Team/Group Learning: A Way to Implement High-Impact Practice—Fran Hopf
Want to know more about how you can implement a collaborative high-impact activity in your classroom—one that has the potential to promote a 'deeper' conceptual understanding and improve problem-solving skills? This presentation will discuss various team/group types of activities and how they align with high impact practice. Additionally, a USF case study pilot using team-based activities will be shared. Moreover, there will be opportunities for you to share your classroom collaborative learning experiences. Click here for the HANDOUT.

The First Few Days: Setting the Stage for a Participatory Semester—Angela Stuesse
Do you envision a classroom in which students participate actively in discussions and help shape the direction of the course based on their interest in the topic? How you begin the semester matters. In this session we will share favorite activity ideas for the first few days of class to secure student buy-in and heighten collective expectations for an interactive semester.

Service-Learning: Engaging Students through Community-Based Learning—Lance Arney
This workshop provides an overview of service-learning, which integrates community service into course curricula through explicit learning objectives, preparation, and critical reflection. Participants will learn how to design a service-learning course that can provide students with structured opportunities to apply what they are learning in the classroom to community-identified concerns in real-world contexts.

Improving Your Teaching Philosophy Statement—Sara Friedman
Updating your teaching philosophy statement is a necessary and worthwhile task. This workshop will provide you with the ideas and tools that you can use to re-examine and refresh your personal teaching philosophy. Bring a copy of your most recent teaching philosophy statement to share with faculty colleagues. Click here for HANDOUT 1. Click here for HANDOUT 2. Click here for the PREZI.

The Courage to Teach: Lessons From the Book—Nicole West
Join us for this review and engaging discussion of Parker Palmer's treatise on teaching. In a relatively non-threatening, yet convincing way, Palmer does a masterful job of articulating and deconstructing many of the myths that surround the collegiate teaching enterprise. His honest characterizations provide an impetus (and maybe even permission) for faculty to explore their teaching, but more importantly, their inner lives as teachers. Click here for HANDOUT 1. Click here for READING 1 (Heart of a Teacher). Click here for READING 2 (Subject-Centered Education). Click here for the DISCUSSION GUIDE.

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The New Digital Learning Studio at the Library—Maryellen Allen
Are you tired of the same old paper assignments year after year? Would you like to infuse your assignments with more creative potential, but you're not sure how? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then a digital media-oriented assignment may be just what you're looking for! In this workshop, you will learn how the USF Library's brand new Digital Media Commons can help you transform a traditional assignment into a multimedia project.

Evidence-Based Teaching and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning—Deoksoon Kim
Excellent teaching reflects scholarship, teaching as community property, a focus on student learning, and a focus on evidence of student learning. This workshop discusses principles and activities related to evidence-based teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Back to Basics: Focusing on What Really Matters in Teaching—Kevin Yee
Some pedagogies come in and out of vogue in publications about teaching, and yet there are a few core areas under the teacher's control that matter more than others. We'll explore those areas and provide a few tricks for keeping them in mind as you teach. Click here for the HANDOUT.

Reflection Circles

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Click here for the PDF of the Day 1 Reflection Circles: Grading, Motivating Students, Classroom Management
Click here for the PDF of the Day 2 Reflection Circles: Testing and Test Writing, Best Syllabus Policies, Leading Discussions

BINGO Answer Key

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Click here for the PDF of the BINGO Game answer key.

Participant Report Outs

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Click here for the PDF of the PowerPoint Slides.


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  1. Patricia Anzalone
  2. Azliyati Azizan
  3. Lisa Brown
  4. Jennifer Bugos
  5. Elizabeth Cass
  6. Cynthia Cimino
  7. Jaclyn Cole
  8. Federica Colleoni
  9. My Lien Dao
  10. Kamila Dell
  11. Sheetal Dharia
  12. Debra Dobbs
  13. C. David Frankel
  14. Rachel Franks
  15. Andrew Franz
  16. Swaroop Ghosh
  17. Cecil Greek
  18. Fran Hopf
  19. Beth Jones-Mason
  20. Mile Krajcevski
  21. Vasiliki Lykourinou
  22. Andrea Lypka
  23. Elizabeth Miller
  24. Thea Moore
  25. Scott Murphy
  26. Alison Oberne
  27. Deidre Orriola
  28. Sanghoon Park
  29. Christina Partin
  30. Benjamin Predmore
  31. Andrew Raij
  32. Melissa Ruble
  33. Gwendolyn Wantuch
  34. Rong Zhang

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