STS-02: The Science of Learning

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May 5-6, 2015
8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

The Science of Learning: Faculty explored how lessons from brain science offer direct suggestions for more effective ways to structure course assignments, deliver lectures and content, and encourage student memory and retention.


Click here for the PDF of the agenda.

Plenary Sessions

  • Brain-based Learning: An Introduction (Kevin Yee, ATLE) Click here for the PDF.
  • Evidence-based Instruction: What Works, What Doesn't (Doug Rohrer, Psychology) Click here for the PDF.


Breakout Lab Sessions


Click here for the PDF of the Cognitive Principles handout.
Click here for the PDF of the Cognitive Principles handout with examples.

Gallery Walk: Top Tips for Personal Time Management & Classroom Management


Click here for the PDF of the Gallery Walk pictures.

Morning Mixer: Top Tools for Using Canvas

 sts-02-morning-mixer2 sts-02-morning-mixer

Click here for the PDF of the list of top tools USF faculty use in their Canvas courses. 

Student Affairs Breakout Sessions


Addressing the Academic Disruption (click here for the PDF)
Teaching adults of all ages, disciplines and experiences adds breadth and depth to the teaching experience. This one hour break out session will shed some light on academic disruptions, offer tips on handling the issue, and review USF policy. Come ready to engage in dialogue.
Linda Kasper, Director, Residential Life and Education, Housing & Residential Education
Maria Zale, Associate Director, Student Rights and Responsibilities


Creating an Accessible Classroom: As Easy as ABC
Participants in this session will work together to review, discuss and brainstorm classroom solutions for common accessibility concerns encountered by USF students. Participants will use every-day professional tools such as approach, adaptation, balance, boundary setting, creativity and common sense to create strategies for classroom accessibility.
Deborah McCarthy, Director, Students with Disabilities Services

Identifying and Assisting Students of Concernsts-02-socat

Participants will engage in a discussion about how to identify and assist students of concern and will analyze case studies to identify red flags, modes of intervention and supports available. Additional tips will be provided related to how to communicate with and support students as they disclose concerning information or display troubling behavior.
Makenzie Schiemann, Director, Office of Student Outreach & Support


Teaching Diverse Students: Strategies for Inclusive Excellence
The University of South Florida's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is designed to prepare students to lead meaningful and productive lives in a global society. Faculty can bring this vision to life through a continuous pursuit of instructional excellence to ensure that all students have an enriched educational experience. In this session, participants will reflect on actual in-class scenarios and will discuss intentional and thoughtful strategies to reduce inequities in the classroom.
Stacy Pippen, Interim Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs
Monica Rochon, Residence Life Coordinator, Housing & Residential Education

Speed Sharing: Top Tips for Motivating Students

sts-02-speed-sharing sts-02-speed-sharing2

Participant Report Outs

sts-02-legos2 sts-02-04

Click here for the PDF of pictures from the participant report outs.

BINGO Answer Key


Click here for the PDF of the BINGO Game answer key.


Click here for Excel contact list.


  1. Maryellen Allen
  2. Salwa Amer
  3. Patricia Anzalone
  4. Wendy Bedwell
  5. Catherine Beneteau
  6. Kyna Betancourt
  7. Kristi Buckley
  8. Jennifer Bugos
  9. Fernando Burgos
  10. Deborah Cantero
  11. Changqing Cheng
  12. Federica Colleoni
  13. Jennifer Collins
  14. Karen Colucci
  15. Daniel Cruz-Ramirez de Arellano
  16. Melissa Culp
  17. Donna D'Ambrosio
  18. My Lien Dao
  19. Kamila Dell
  20. Darlene DeMarie
  21. Sheetal Dharia
  22. John Dixon
  23. Claudia Dold
  24. Betsy Doone
  25. Allison Edmonds Poff
  26. Cynthia Edwards
  27. Kimberly Fields
  28. Jhon Figueroa
  29. Cheryl Hall
  30. Debra Harding
  31. Jane Harvey
  32. Brittany Hay
  33. Armando Hoare
  34. Toni Imudia
  35. Ylce Irizarry
  36. Beth Jones-Mason
  37. Kathi Katz
  38. Nancy Lewis
  39. Yujuan Liu
  40. June Llerena
  41. Leslie Lockett
  42. Barbara LoFrisco
  43. Rebecca Lutz
  44. Andrea Lypka
  45. Valorie Mackenna
  46. Tina Malone
  47. Willy Moreno
  48. Scott Murphy
  49. Martin Muschol
  50. Kerry Myers
  51. Chris Osovitz
  52. Pooja Patel
  53. Cynthia Patterson
  54. Celia Paula Davies
  55. Joan Perl
  56. Lindsay Peterson
  57. Donna Polelle
  58. Gauri Pradhan
  59. Benjamin Predmore
  60. Xizhen Qin
  61. Joann Quinn
  62. Theresa Rashdan
  63. Stephen Roggenbaum
  64. Melissa Ruble
  65. Laura Rusnak
  66. Aurora Sanchez-Anguiano
  67. Denise Shereff
  68. Mary Soliman
  69. Katlynd Sunjic
  70. Arash Takshi
  71. Ashok Upadhyaya
  72. Wendy Updike
  73. Teri Walseth
  74. Gwendolyn Wantuch
  75. Lei Zhang
  76. Qiong Zhang
  77. Ying Zhu

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