TA Training

Are you a new Teaching Assistant at USF?

The Office of Graduate Studies requires TA Training for all TAs before they can teach, involving both a face-to-face one-day event and an online training. All Graders, Teaching Assistants, and Instructors of Record have the same training requirements. Those who have taught at USF before are exempted from the requirement.

The face to face training usually takes place on the Friday right before classes begin (in August and January only) and is offered by the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence. Students are allowed to register and attend the training before they "need" to, and thus complete the training requirements early. 

In addition to the one-day training mentioned above, all TAs, Graders, and Instructors of Record must also complete the online components of the TA Training Canvas course.

Check with the Office of Graduate Studies with any questions about the training requirements or exceptions.

TA Training - Fall 2020

Fall 2020 TA Training will be offered online. It consists of a set of modules and quizzes that should be completed prior to the first day of the Fall semester.

Course Name: IDS 5921 Teaching Assistant Training
CRN: 90830

You must register for the TA Training course, IDS 5921, through OASIS using the CRN above. 

After registering, you will need to complete the online modules in Canvas. Look for the course titled IDS5921.001F20 Teaching Assistant Training on your dashboard.  The modules will become available in August 2020. 

For questions regarding eligibility and requirements, contact Dr. Ruth Bahr ( in Graduate Studies for further information.

For questions regarding the course, contact ATLE at

TA Training session topics covered include:

  • Syllabus Considerations; Your FIRST Day of Teaching
  • Classroom Management
  • How People Learn & Effective Lectures
  • Interactive Techniques
  • Assessment
  • Discussions & Active Learning Strategies
  • Using Canvas

Special Note for International Teaching Assistants

Potential international teaching assistants that do not meet the spoken English requirements to hold a 9183/9184 job code must enroll in the course Spoken English for ITAs. This course is delivered by INTO USF and the prospective ITA will be enrolled by their department. For more information on this course and the requirement, click here: