Teaching Essentials

At the heart of Teaching Essentials is the engaging University and College Teaching (UCT) online curriculum developed by a cohort of world-renowned pedagogical scholars under the leadership of Professor Graham Gibbs (Oxford University) and Professor Marilla Svinicki (Texas-Austin) in concert with Epigeum, Ltd. a spinout company of the Imperial College of London.

For USF Faculty and Adjuncts

Teaching Essentials: An optional, 18-hour online course discussing best practices in teaching, from writing quizzes and delivering lectures, to effective classroom management and strong course design. This resource is available in Canvas, the university's learning management software (LMS). Enroll here:

Modules in Teaching Essentials include:

Module 1: Lecturing I
Module 2: Lecturing II
Module 3: Resources to Enhance Student Learning
Module 4: Making the Most of Discussion
Module 5: Supervising Projects and Dissertations
Module 6: Marking and Giving Feedback
Module 7: Understanding the Principles of Course Design
Module 8: Developing your Teaching
Module 9: Teaching with Patients