New Faculty

New Faculty Orientation

One of the initial ways the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) supports new faculty is during ATLE's day-long teaching seminar during the annual New Faculty Orientation (NFO), which is hosted by the Provost's Office and supported by several other campus units. The NFO is typically held one week before the start of the fall term each year; you should receive additional information and invitations to the NFO from your departmental chair or representative. 

Resources for NEW faculty

New faculty may wish to consult several online resources to situate themselves to teaching at USF:

  • Starting the Semester: Information to help you plan and facilitate a successful first day of class.
  • USF Faculty Glossary: A list of terms (and acronyms) related to teaching at USF.
  • Higher Education Glossary: A list of terms (and acronyms) frequently used in Higher Education in the United States.
  • Teaching Fair: Start the academic year with a showcase of teaching best practices, tips, campus resources, games and prizes.
  • Policies and Procedures: There are numerous university policies you should be aware of, in addition to others that might be specific to your College or department.
  • Using Canvas: Our learning-management software offers many advanced features, but we recommend you view this simple tutorial on getting stated as a minimum.
  • Syllabus Template: A USF-specific template with lots of instructions and examples to help you craft your own syllabus.
  • Order Textbooks: Use Follett Discover in Canvas to order books. Follett Discover is the online adoption platform used by Follett, which replaced Barnes & Noble’s Faculty Enlight online adoption system. It is available to faculty through their Canvas courses. To access Follett Discover:
    • Log in to Canvas using your NetID and password
    • Access one of your Canvas courses
    • On the left-hand side of the page, there should be a "Follett Discover" link, which will take you to the ordering page for all of your courses
    • From there, you can search for textbooks or enter the textbook order information for your courses
    • If you do not require textbooks for your course or courses, or the materials are made freely available to students through library resources, please select the link "I have no materials to adopt for this course" for each relevant course 
    • Also note that the State of Florida requires textbooks be ordered well in advance of the start of the semester (45 days).
  • Faculty Class Search: Search for your class status and location with this online tool (be sure to select the proper semester)
  • Virtual Tour of Media-Enhanced Classrooms: Use this online tool to see photos of your classroom (scroll down after making a selection).
  • R25 Available Classrooms: Search through the available rooms around campus to see what is in use on a particular date. To reserve a room, you should contact the Space office.
  • College Teaching Introduction: A self-paced online course (free to USF instructional personnel) discussing best practices in teaching, from writing quizzes and delivering lectures, to effective classroom management and strong course design. This resource is available in Canvas, the university's learning management software (LMS).
  • General Education: If your classes are taught in General Education, you should acquaint yourself with the program objectives, basis, course approval process, and outcomes.
  • Faculty History: This online curriculum vita should be kept current to make annual evaluation and tenure application processes quicker and more streamlined.

In addition, although many policies and procedures are consistent across campus, there are others that will be unique to your specific college, department, and/or program. Click here for a list of questions to ask in your department

ATLE provides numerous free services to all faculty, including consultations on demand and classroom observations upon request.


Faculty Events

The Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) hosts several events that may be of interest to full-time faculty (Professors, Associate/Assistant Professors, and Instructors) on the USF Tampa campus.

  • Canvas Camp: A one-day event, co-hosted with Innovative Education, that will offer workshops and best practices on using Canvas.
  • Green and Gold Teaching Champion program: A year-long program to build collegiality and academic expertise.
  • Faculty Learning Communities: Cross-disciplinary groups of faculty who engage in a semester-long (typically Fall) exploration of a topic related to teaching and/or learning.
  • Faculty Book Club: An informal, cross-disciplinary gathering of USF faculty who meet to discuss a variety of books related to teaching and learning.
  • International Teachers' Day: A face-to-face single-day event to familiarize instructors and teaching assistants of international origin what to expect from American students, how to minimize language and accent issues, and how to leverage best practices in teaching to avoid problems that could otherwise crop up.
  • Peer Observation Groups: An opportunity for USF faculty to observe each other's classes in small teams and share data in a non-evaluative way that benefits both the observer and the instructor being observed.
  • Summer Teaching Symposium: A multi-day event that focuses on teaching and learning strategies and renewal ideas for faculty members.
  • Tech Camp: An informal, day-long, drop-by seminar, held each summer, where various technologies for teaching are demonstrated.
  • Workshops: Frequent workshops on topics in teaching and learning, sharing best practices, and exploring new research.