Peer Observation Groups

ATLE's Peer Observation Program provides an opportunity for USF faculty to observe each other's classes in small teams. The focus is on collecting and sharing data in a non-evaluative way that benefits both the observer and the instructor being observed. The emphasis on NON-evaluative feedback - really just communicating data about what is observed - removes judgment and is meant to create a relaxed environment of discovery.

The program is designed to give faculty the chance to observe other teaching strategies in action, and promote self-discovery and reflection. Participants are placed in interdisciplinary teams of three to encourage free-flowing discussions in a safe environment. 

“I found the exercise to be a fascinating experience, in that I learned from being observed and I learned even more by observing.” – past participant


ELIGIBILITY and Program Requirements: 

Participation in the Peer Observation Program is open to full-time faculty and instructors (9 or 12 month appointments) and adjuncts. All participants must: 

  1. Be teaching in the current semester
  2. Complete a brief (<4 min) online survey to help us design the teams 
  3. Meet your team and schedule your observations
  4. Observe the two other faculty members in your team one time each and participate in a debrief session one-on-one afterward
  5. Deliver a written reflection on what was learned

Participants in the program will benefit from exposure to other teaching styles, reflections on their own teaching practices, and will also receive a certificate from ATLE upon completion.

You'll also be invited to a closing event/celebration at the end of the semester--attendance at this event is optional.

For more information email atle@usf.edu 


Spring 2019

  • Patricia Anzalone, Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
  • Scot Boeringer, Criminology
  • Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Amanda DePippo, Child and Family Studies
  • Yusuf Emirov, Nanotech. Center
  • William Hendrix, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Jennifer Iceton, Women's and Gender Studies
  • Morgen Jaeger, Pharmacotherapeutics and Clinical Research
  • Kiran Jayaram,  Anthropology
  • Beth Jones-Mason, Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology
  • Jason Lewis, Computer Science & Engineering
  • Irina  Logvinova, INTO USF
  • Diego Ricciotti, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Mike Severy, Leadership Studies
  • Michael Sherry, Teaching and Learning

Fall 2019

  • Jennifer Bugos, Music Education
  • Denise Cali, History
  • Nelli Cirineo, English
  • Elizabeth Doone, Teaching and Learning
  • Jane Harvey, INTO USF
  • Kara Larson, English
  • Natalie Mallis, Music
  • Ryan McCleary, Integrative Biology
  • Miguel Reina Ortiz, Public Health

Spring 2020

  • Norma Alcantar, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
  • Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia,  Computer Science Engineering
  • Devashish Das, Industrial Engineering
  • Theresa Evans-Nguyen, Chemistry
  • Jane Harvey, INTO USF
  • Annamaria Iezzi, Mathematics
  • Ryan McCleary, Integrative Biology
  • Cheryl Rodriguez, School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies--Africana Studies
  • Kimber Wiggs, English
  • Dezhi (Denny) Yin, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
  • Rong Zhang, Chemistry