Peer Observation Groups

ATLE's Peer Observation Program provides an opportunity for USF faculty to observe each other's classes in small teams. The focus is on collecting and sharing data in a non-evaluative way that benefits both the observer and the instructor being observed. The emphasis on NON-evaluative feedback - really just communicating data about what is observed - removes judgment and is meant to create a relaxed environment of discovery.

The program is designed to give faculty the chance to observe other teaching strategies in action, and promote self-discovery and reflection. Participants are placed in interdisciplinary teams of three to encourage free-flowing discussions in a safe environment. 

“I found the exercise to be a fascinating experience, in that I learned from being observed and I learned even more by observing.” – past participant


ELIGIBILITY and Program Requirements: 

Participation in the Peer Observation Program is open to full-time faculty and instructors (9 or 12 month appointments) and adjuncts. All participants must: 

  1. Be teaching in spring 2019
  2. Complete a brief (<4 min) online survey to help us design the teams (also available at http://bit.ly/ATLE-POP)
  3. Attend a mandatory kickoff event (January 18, 2019, 9 am – 12 pm) where you meet your team, learn about the program and schedule your observations
  4. Observe the two other faculty members in your team one time each and participate in a debrief session one-on-one afterward
  5. Deliver a written reflection on what was learned

Participants in the program will benefit from exposure to other teaching styles, reflections on their own teaching practices, and will also receive a certificate from ATLE upon completion.

You'll also be invited to a closing event/celebration at the end of the semester--attendance at this event is optional.

For more information email atle@usf.edu