Authentic Assessment

  • Does the planned test REALLY measure the skill you want them to master?

Bloom's Taxonomy

  • Bloom's Taxonomy and related verbs that can be used to intentionally structure assignments and assessments

Extra Credit

  • Should you offer it? How much? Under what circumstances?

Formative vs. Summative Assessment

  • Which assessments (should) count for points? Should you adjust your strategy?

Grading Strategies

  • Assessment techniques that can save time and ensure fairness

Interactive Techniques

  • Our list of interactive techniques doubles as a toolkit for formative assessment

Online Grade Books

  • Augmenting Canvas to drop lowest test scores or perform other advanced calculations


  • Strategies and practices for curbing cheating and plagiarism

Program Assessment (SLOs, ALCs)

  • Information related to the alignment of program and course objectives, activities, and assessments within an an academic program


  • How to build, revise, or use rubrics to grade essays, projects, and labs more quickly, more impartially, and with fewer student questions.

Student Assessment of Instruction

  • Information about eXplorance Blue, USF's online system for student assessment of instruction and tips for improving evaluation scores and student response rates. 

Writing Test Questions

  • Best practices and common mistakes