Authentic Assessment

Does the planned test REALLY measure the skill you want them to master?

Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy and related verbs that can be used to intentionally structure assignments and assessments

Extra Credit

Should you offer it? How much? Under what circumstances?

Formative vs. Summative Assessment

Which assessments (should) count for points? Should you adjust your strategy?

Grading Strategies

Assessment techniques that can save time and ensure fairness

Interactive Techniques

Our list of interactive techniques doubles as a toolkit for formative assessment

Online Grade Books

Augmenting Canvas to drop lowest test scores or perform other advanced calculations

Program Assessment (SLOs, ALCs)

Information related to the alignment of program and course objectives, activities, and assessments within an an academic program


How to build, revise, or use rubrics to grade essays, projects, and labs more quickly, more impartially, and with fewer student questions.

Student Assessment of Instruction

Information about eXplorance Blue, USF's online system for student assessment of instruction and tips for improving evaluation scores and student response rates. 

Writing Test Questions

Best practices and common mistakes