Course Design

Effective college teaching begins with strong and intentional course design. The best-suggested practice is to start with clear objectives and student learning outcomes that use action verbs to describe what students will be able to perform at the end of the semester. From these objectives, faculty members can work backwards — a clearly written objective will guide the instructor to three necessary things: what to tell the students, how the students will practice, and how to assess the students. Without clear objectives and an intentional strategy to meet them, instructors run the risk of relaying content with no assurance that students are able to master it.

The Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) is happy to assist faculty members with translating course objectives into an actionable backward design. Click here to learn more about Backward Design.

In addition, ATLE may be able to assist you with course redesign initiatives.

Instructors should know how their courses fit with the larger departmental (major/minor) curriculum, which is articulated in the Academic Learning Compacts (ALCs) held centrally at the University.


Best Practices from YouTube

The following YouTube videos contain some valuable, practical wisdom related to course design:

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