Replacements for Adding Students


As of Spring 2020 registration, faculty no longer have the ability to add students manually into a Banner-created Canvas course. The Office of the Registrar initiated this change to bring the university into alignment with State regulation and institutional policy on registration, and other best practices seen at our aspirational peer institutions. Faculty will continue to be able to add the Teacher, TA, Grader, Observer, and Course Designer roles manually. Note that the ability to "add student" remains in ORGs and manually-created course shells that are not created by Banner. 

This page is designed to help faculty and administrators find replacement workflows that can still meet their needs.

  1. A student needs to audit my class. The student must register officially as an auditor in OASIS; if they need assistance, please direct them to the Office of the Registrar. Although this requires students to pay tuition and fees, it is the only way to audit a class compliant with Policy 10-006. Senior citizens need to follow the audit process specific to them.
  2. I'm teaching both graduate and undergraduate classes with the same content and don't want two separate courses. Rather than add graduate students to the undergraduate class (or vice versa), the correct course of action is cross-list the course within Canvas. After this action, the combined course will have the look/feel of a single course, and eGrade reporting to Banner will work normally, with information entered all in one spot but "satisfying" the eGrade submission for both classes.
  3. A student (or colleague!) needs access to the course materials for training or mentoring purposes, or only needs a portion of the content to satisfy a different official course. You can create an empty course shell and copy your course contents into it, then add this one student manually. Or, the Observer role might be a fit. 
  4. I need to add a colleague as a student so they can submit a paper to TurnItIn. This functionality exists in manually-created courses as well; simply create a new course shell and add the colleague as a student, then create the TurnItIn assignment.

While historically there have been cases where the "add student" functionality was used, per policy this is not an appropriate action. Examples might include visiting scholars interacting with our students, or informal auditing by various audiences. The bottom line is that if a student is not officially registered within Banner, they should not be in the official online course or attend in-person class meetings.