The software known as Articulate might refer to one of two individual programs. Articulate Studio offers an impactful way to mix PowerPoint slides, voiceover audio, online quizzes, and interactive content (such as drag-and-drop-type Flash activities) in a single package. Articulate Storyline offers an even slicker way to present content using avatars, animations, voice bubbles, and those same types of onscreen interactions, all produced using a video-style timeline. It can be time-consuming to create Storyline content, but the final results are undeniably polished and interactive.

Both software packages are third-party and external to USF (caveat: some USF faculty members were given this software for participating in workshops with Innovative Education, but this is not widely available).

Since this is not USF-sponsored software, faculty (or departments) would need to pay for the software themselves, and this is among the most expensive software on the market. For most faculty, it is prohibitively expensive. Free alternatives to lecture capture, such as using PowerPoint's built-in functionality to record audio, might be a better alternative for most faculty members.