Getting Started

All instructors are required to use Canvas at least to record First-Day Attendance, Midterm Grades (if teaching 1000-3000 level courses), and end-of-semester E-Grades. Click here for a video tutorial of locating your Canvas courses.

Simple Uses of Canvas

Common Functions

Advanced Topics

*InEd Video Tutorials developed by Victor Ventor with USF Innovative Education/Online Faculty Development. These videos were created for the Online Instructor Certification course and were designed to identify best practice approaches for a fully online course.

Bugs and Workarounds

  1. Uploading a gradebook with newly-added columns will fail if the columns are added *after* the "totals" columns in the CSV file (this assumes you are using a previously-downloaded CSV from Canvas). Add your new columns *before* the Totals columns to prevent the problem. 
  2. Midterm grades will normally ignore missing grades. If you checkmark "treat missing grades as zero" in EITHER the gradebook or the eGrades gear setting, your gradebook may not match what is imported into eGrades. If a workaround is needed, you could export the gradebook to find the column for "current total" with numeric percentages. Rename the column to something like "midterm grades" and import the .csv file. You can now point eGrades to this temporary column as the source for the midterm grade.
  3. Grade submission at the END of semester can be misleading if you do not first checkmark "treat missing grades as zero" in the gradebook settings. If you fail to take this step, the displayed grade will ignore missing scores and pretend they don't exist, but those missing scores become zeros, with no way to stop the process, when you submit through eGrades. Thus, the onscreen displayed grade may be higher than what is actually submitted to eGrades.
  4. When students have taken a quiz and are unable to see which questions they answered incorrectly, check the quiz settings. If the settings are set to show one question at a time, students cannot see which questions were incorrect. When that option is off, students can see which questions were answered incorrectly.


The following links will help keep you up to date on all upcoming Canvas changes, which occur every three weeks.

Consultations and Individual Help

ATLE is very happy to meet with instructors and graduate assistants for individualized assistance, training, or brainstorming about Canvas usage--it's one of our core functions! Email to request a consultation, and we'll be glad to work with you.

Further Assistance