1. Use Google Sites as the software/technology for the electronic portfolio, because it's free, easy to use, stable, and permanent.
2. Visit and log in with your Gmail name and password
3. Click on the red CREATE button (left side)
4. Name the site something unique. What you type will auto-populate into the URL box as well. Enter the captcha code at the bottom of the screen, then click CREATE at the top.
5. You are taken to your "home" page. Click the pencil icon (top-right corner) to edit the page.
6. Change the "name" of the page in the top box, if desired. In the larger main box, type the contents of the page. Formatting buttons are located along the top menu, as is pulldown controls for inserting objects or altering the layout. When finished, click the blue SAVE button (top right)
7. Create a new page by clicking the [+] icon near the top-right. Give it a name and leave the other settings at their default position, then click the red CREATE button at the top. You can follow the same steps as above to edit the page (pencil icon). On any page except the Home page, you can also add attachments to the bottom of the page.
8. Privacy controls: click the gear icon (top right) and select "Sharing and Permissions". The default setting is PUBLIC but this can be changed as needed.
9. Help guides from Google: