External Applications

These technologies are not supported by USF, but nonetheless may be worth investigating to enhance your teaching.

  • Flipped Classroom: Use recorded PowerPoint lectures and convert them to Flash video to deliver content online, and then reserve your face-to-face class time for group work and other activities rather than lecture. Learn how at our tutorial. Uses free software Screencast-o-Matic and YouTube.


  •  Articulate: This software specializes in live web conferences, though it can be used for other online management purposes or to record lectures. This software is NOT free even for USF users; there have been some limited licenses given out by Innovative Education.


  • ePortfolios: Instructors wishing to showcase their teaching portfolios may wish to make electronic websites for this purpose, or faculty may otherwise wish for their students to create ePortfolios of their work in the class. There are several external companies that offer ePortfolio services (many of them only if the entire institution purchases a license), but the simple solution for individual faculty members is to use Google Sites to hold their ePortfolio. Our tutorial explains the process.


Tech Camp

Tech Camp is an informal drop-by atmosphere of seeing technologies for teaching demonstrated. Each technology is shown in an academic context, but the "how to" is left for the comprehensive Technologies for Teaching booklet (or follow-up consultations with ATLE on an individual basis, as desired). We focus on showing "what is possible" in these 15-minute parlor sessions. Feel free to come to as many (or as few) sessions as you would like!