Add PO Line

New lines may be added to existing POs for the following reasons:

New lines may NOT be added to existing POs:


  1. Requester changes the requisition origin from ONL to ADD
  2. Requester enters the rest of the requisition information as usual including any necessary documentation, quotes, contracts, etc.
  3. Requester adds a requisition header comment requesting that the line be added to a specific PO, giving the PO number and the justification for the addition
  4. Requester process requisition approval as usual
  5. Purchasing Agents review the requisition
  6. Purchasing Agents approve the requisition
  7. If not approved, PAs advise department
  8. Purchasing Agents copy the requisition into the existing PO and saves it
  9. Purchasing Agents change the status of the PO from Open to Approved and save it
  10. PO Change order reprints as usual