After the Fact

Prior to ordering goods or services for USF an appropriate, fully approved Purchase Order must be in place or payment at the time of shipment must be made with a USF PCard in accordance with PCard policies and procedures.

Accounts Payable will now monitor for situations where purchase orders were not approved prior to the order by the use of the After-the-Fact Purchase Order match exception in the FAST Financial System.  The match rule will be applied to all vouchers subject to matching.  The rule compares the purchase order date to the invoice date and flags any case where the invoice date falls before the purchase order date as an exception.

These match exceptions will be handled according to the following procedure.

1. When the match exception is detected, an automatic email notification will be generated to the requestor and approvers of the appropriate requisition.   No action is necessary on the part of the department except to continue to educate staff on procurement policy and prevent further infractions.  However, if a requestor would like to respond with a legitimate business justification for the occurrence, instructions for doing so will be provided in the email notification.

2. Payment Services staff will monitor the Match Exception Workbench on a daily basis.  Initially, any after-the-fact match exception will be manually overridden and the vendor paid as requested.

3. Periodically, a report will be generated and forwarded to the appropriate Vice President's Office.   Departmental administration should follow up with staff and provide necessary training or take other appropriate action. All staff members responsible for procurement should immediately be made aware of USF Purchasing policy and procedure.  Purchasing training is also available through GEMS Self-Service.