Non-Resident Aliens (NRA)

Before hiring a non-resident alien, please complete the applicable documents, below, and submit them to Payroll. A requisition number needs to be provided to Payroll. Initiate and save a requisition, but do not push the requisition to Purchasing at this time. The requisition should include a description and dates of the service and indicate where and when the services are being done.

Payroll reviews the request with respect to the US treaty with the country of the NRA. The tax implication will be calculated and net payment made to the payee will be indicated on the approval form. The department may wish to adjust the total if a specific sum is expected to be paid. The total requisition price could be increased to adjust for the withholding.

The Payroll contact is Linda Karppe, ALN147 (813) 974-6028.

When Payroll approves the document package, please attach the approval to the requisition and approve the requisition into Workflow on the requisition Approve Amounts page.

Required Documents for Payroll:

Payment Services will receive the W-8BEN from the NRA; departments should not handle W-8BEN forms.

For work NOT performed on US soil, Payroll review is not required and the NRA will be treated like a regular Independent Contractor. Only the IC Worksheet is required.