Sole/Single Source

Sole Source - If an item or service is determined by Purchasing to be non-competitive in nature and is available from only one vendor, a Purchase Order may be issued for that item.

If the purchase falls below the public bid threshold of $75,000, the information may be submitted by memo or by placing a comment on the header comments of the requisition. The explanation should include the following:

  • a description in lay language of the service of equipment and its intended use
  • the reasons the item is not subject to competition from other sources
  • the necessity for compatibility with existing equipment, instrumentation or systems (if applicable)
  • why only this equipment or service has unique features or qualities that will accomplish the required needs of the requestor

The fact that a piece of equipment is much less expensive than comparable models from other manufacturers is no justification of single source. Submission of justification is no guarantee that the single source will be accepted by the Director of Purchasing and Property Services. Single source certifications are posted for public review and to give interested parties the opportunity to protest.

If the cost is $75,000 or greater, the Sole Source Certificate must be approved and executed prior to a Purchase Order being issued. Each request must contain information as to the single source nature of the purchase. The Single Source certificate must be publicly posted 72 hours prior to issuance of a purchase order greater than or equal to $75,000.

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