Other Available Contracts

Using Contracts 

Purchases from Competitively Bid Contracts may be made in lieu of obtaining competitive quotes. This makes them one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to make purchases for commodities and services.  
The resources below link to existing public contracts that are active for purchasing. A copy of the contract should be attached to the requisition request along with the contract number and weblink. 

For help with sourcing, please Contact Us.

USF Contracts 

Contracts that were competitively sourced by USF Procurement are available to view:  







Cooperative Contracts  

Cooperative contracts are competitively bid agreements between the government and suppliers to lower the costs of procuring goods or services that higher education institutions commonly need. When the contract and procurement process is shared the result is lower administrative costs so suppliers can offer greater discounts on commodities/services.  Departments also spend less time searching for quotes.  

Cooperatives carry contracts on a variety of resources including office peripherals, laboratory and other equipment and maintenance supplies and technology peripherals. 

For help using co-operative agreements, please contact any Procurement Agent or Strategic Sourcing Analyst in Procurement Services.  

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Other Contract Sources  

Other educational institutions and government agencies have competitively sourced contracts that are available for other agencies to use.   

Each contract's terms and conditions must indicate a statement that the award allows other entities to use it. A copy of the contract and award should be attached to any requisition submitted. 

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U.S. General Services Agreements (GSA)

USF, as a state government entity is authorized to make purchases only certain items under the Cooperative Purchasing Program Multiple Award Schedules (MAS).

Information Technology (IT) Products, Services & Solutions
(Former GSA Schedule 70)

Law Enforcement & Security Products, Services & Solutions  
(Former GSA Schedule 84)  
  • Mobile device and mobile application management (MDM/MAM) tools,
  • Automated data processing equipment (firmware),
  • Software,
  • Cloud computing services,
  • Hardware,
  • Support equipment, and
  • Professional IT services. 
  • Security and law enforcement equipment,
  • Alarm and signal systems,
  • Facility management systems,
  • Firefighting and rescue equipment,
  • Law enforcement and security equipment,
  • Marine craft and related equipment,
  • Special purpose clothing, and
  • Related services. 

Disaster Purchasing Program

All MAS products and services are available, when buying in support of disaster preparation, response, and major disaster recovery, as well as recovery from biological, radiological, or terrorist attacks.

1122 Program

Equipment to support counterdrug missions, homeland security, and emergency response from General Services Administration (GSA), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and Department of Defense (DoD) sources of supply.

Public Health Emergencies

All MAS products and services are available when spending federal grants funds in direct response to public health emergencies.