Computers & Technology

Technology Purchases are under the oversight of the University Technology Standards Board (UTSB), and the Information Technology Procurement Process per USF Policy 0-518.

Technology Purchases are divided into Standard Purchases and Non-Standard Purchases (requiring UTSB approval). 

How do I know if my Tech Purchase needs UTSB approval? 

Refer to ISSP-022 IT Resources Purchasing Standards and Thresholds for a description of Standard and Non-Standard Purchases. 

Where do I submit a UTSB Exemption Request for Approval? 

UTSB exemption requests are submitted and approved in Bull Marketplace, and must be appended to any requisition or be available as backup to purchases made with P-card. 

Who do I contact about the status of my UTSB Exemption Request? 

Questions about status updates, form contents and what is expected in the fields should be made directly in the Discussion section of your UTSB form request so that the question can be fielded by the Information Technology team member reviewing the request. 

What happens to the UTSB Exemption Request after I submit it? 

An FAQ for the UTSB process can be found here. 

Does funding source matter when it comes to UTSB approval? 

No ! Regardless of if you are using state, sponsored or other funding sources, if a purchase meets the criterial for UTSB review, you need approval before making your purchase.  This is to protect our USF system.  

Standard Purchases

USF Computer Store, offered by Connection Inc. is USF's preferred supplier.  Purchases under $10,000 should be made through USF Computer Store Punch Out on Bull Marketplace. 

  • All computer devices in the USF Computer Store, have been previously authorized by the University Technology Standards Board (UTSB)
  • Purchases with the intention of installation in rooms, including Audio Video technology, still need to be approved separately through the UTSB Exemption Request. USF IT AV can provide guidance regarding this technology and it is highly recommended you contact help@usf.edu before purchasing any items.                                                                                     

Approved software can be found in the USF Software Catalog, all other software will require UTSB review.            

How to purchase in Bull Marketplace

How to Buy in 3 steps or less:

1.  Go online to the USF Computer Store Punch Out                                                                            2.  Choose your product from the list of pre-approved items or have your USF Computer Store Sales rep load a quote into your cart.                                                                                                          3.  Check out!

OR, for purchases over $10,000

1.  Contact you USF Computer Store Sales rep at techpurchasing@usf.edu for a quote.       2.  Create a requisition request in Bull Marketplace and a purchase order will be sent for fulfilment.