Golf Carts

Golf Carts may be purchased for department use. 

If no state contract is available you must adhere to the Universities quote policy and obtain competitive quotes based on your total level of spend.

The requisition for the Golf Cart should have a complete description including the year, make, model, gas or electric, color and all options and accessories that are ordered with the cart.


All carts must have the following minimum safety features if intended to drive on
roadways. The acquisition of carts that are new, used, remanufactured, or
transferred from another USF System department must meet these minimum

1) Headlights
2) Front and rear turn signal lights
3) Tail lights
4) Stop lights
5) Roof
6) Reflectors or reflective tape, on each side as far to the rear as
practicable, and on the rear
7) Interior rear-view mirror
8) Impact-resistant windshield
9) Parking brake
10) USF System vehicle number
11) Slow-moving vehicle reflective triangle clearly displayed on the
rear of the vehicle

All carts and utility vehicles must have at least four wheels. Three-wheeled
vehicles are prohibited for use on USF System business due to stability issues.


All golf carts will be delivered to the vehicle compound for branding and tagging before being delivered to the department.

Risk and Safety

All drivers must comply with the department of Environmental Health and Safety policies on safety procedures and training.