School of Information Systems and Management

Corporate Engagement Options

The School of Information Systems and Management in the Muma College of Business at USF offers a number of partnership mechanisms for organizations to interact with our students and faculty. Please contact Anna Bahvala at for more information.

Practice Center Projects

$16,000 per project. Two students are assigned to work on a specific technology-related project under faculty supervision. These projects can be a low-risk method for new managers to learn how to manage a small team.

    Certification Exam Support

    $2,000-$3,000 per year. Reimburse exam costs for students who complete any technology certifications from a select list. The organization’s contributions are recognized by including the logo on the program page.

      Endowed Post-Docs and Professorships

      $75,000 per year Fund a post-doctoral researcher who can work on relevant problems, in collaboration with faculty. Post-doctoral researchers are already well trained in research methods. Matching funds from the I4 corridor may be available. Alternatively, support a faculty member’s research and teaching efforts. Endowed support for faculty positions is prominently displayed in all faculty communications and on the faculty member’s web page.

        Executive Education

        6-8 days of executive training in data science or cybersecurity to introduce essential techniques to managers. Trained executives communicate more effectively with corporate partners.


          Support expenses and lend expertise in specific courses. Steady supply of graduates well versed in relevant concepts and tools.

            Case Sites

            Serve as a case site for faculty and graduate students to develop a discussion case around a current decision facing your organization. Classroom discussion generates ideas and helps identify motivated students.

              Faculty Externships and Advisory Roles

              Host a faculty member for a semester to work on a problem of mutual interest. The faculty member shares their expertise and perspective. The industry experience helps enrich teaching and research. Faculty can serve on boards and advisory councils, offering their expertise to benefit organizations. Faculty can bring their expertise to advisory boards and councils to improve decision making.