School of Information Systems and Management

Global Summer Internship

Muma College of Business

USF Summer Research Internship in Business Analytics

Duration: 8 weeks

Including 4 week residency at USF, Tampa (USA)

Application deadline: Currently not accepting applications

This summer research internship program is designed to introduce students in leading undergraduate computer science programs around the world to the exciting world of business analytics and information systems (BAIS). The program is completed in two parts - the first part is a residency in the Muma College of Business at USF in Tampa, and the second part is continuing research work at the student's home institution. During the residency at the USF Tampa campus, students will work on problems of mutual interest with faculty members in BAIS and related fields at USF. Students will engage in research activities and participate in face-to-face discussions with faculty and other students during this time. Upon completing the residency, students will continue the research activity in their home institutions. Students are encouraged to work on developing a conference-quality paper by the time they complete the internship. The program is designed to be beneficial to students who intend to pursue higher studies in the field of business analytics and information systems (BAIS).


  • Week 1: Pre internship readings and discussions over Skype
  • Week 2: Discussion with faculty and PhD students on research 
  • Week 3–5: Active research work along with faculty and PhD students at USF
  • Week 6-8: Continued work on research and completion of research paper at home Institute

As appropriate and if approved by the respective instructors, students will also have the opportunity to attend relevant graduate classes in the School of Information Systems & Management.

Application Procedure
Program Cost: Free

The application for the USF global summer research internship program in BAIS is online. Before beginning the application, interested students are strongly encouraged to prepare the content to be included in the application by doing the following:

  1. Update your resume to reflect your most current accomplishments. Follow best practices, e.g. using Career Cup's recommendations for a good resume. Save it as a pdf file.
  2. Gather your transcripts/ mark sheets. Save them as a single pdf file, merging files if needed.
  3. Gather your recommendation letter from a faculty member at your home institution who is aware of your academic preparation. Save it as a pdf file
  4. Visit the home page of the School of Information Systems and Management in the Muma College of Business at USF, and prepare your answers to the following questions in a text-editor (such as Notepad, Notepad++, or TextEdit). Avoid using rich-text editors since these editors can include hidden characters that disrupt the formatting of your application when viewed later.
    1. What are your goals after completing your undergraduate degree and how this research internship can help you achieve those goals (500 words max)
    2. Identify at least 3 faculty members in the department whose research interests match your goals and with whom you would be interested in working as part of the summer research internship program. Describe how your interests match specific projects being led by these faculty members (500 words max). Please do not email these faculty members. They are busy and will not be able to respond to individual emails. For the application, just identify relevant faculty and projects and list them in your application.
    3. Identify at least 3 graduate courses in the MS in Business Analytics and Information Systems program in the department that you would be interested in attending during the program. Explain why you are interested in these courses (500 words max)

Once you have collected the information above, complete the online application.

Criteria for selection

One or more students will be selected for the program depending upon application quality and available budgets. The selection criteria are listed below:

  1. Selected students should be pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or related program at a leading institution in the home country, and will have completed 3/4th of the program (i.e., at the end of the 3rd year in a 4 year Bachelor degree program) before attending the summer research internship
  2. Information provided by the faculty member in the recommendation letter
  3. National or international ranking and/ or reputation of the home institution
  4. Academic excellence as demonstrated in the transcript/mark sheet
  5. personal excellence beyond classroom academics as demonstrated by participation in national/international programming or equivalent competitions and work on innovative projects.
  6. Interest in the field of data analytics as demonstrated in answers to essay questions


The program offers at least one full scholarship that will cover the following. It is anticipated that this will cover all expenses associated with the program and also offer a stipend for living expenses.

  • Return airfare in the most direct and economical route from the home city (or nearest international airport) to Tampa. (Estimated cost $1,500)
  • J1 Visa sponsorship (Estimated cost $380)
  • Health insurance during the USF residency (Estimated cost $415)
  • Stipend to cover incidental expenses during the program, including lodging and meals during the USF residency ($2,000)
    • The USF SISM will coordinate in finding the right shared accommodation in off-campus student housing.

Estimated monetary value of the full scholarship = $4,295 USD. In addition, depending upon availability of resources, the program may also offer additional partial scholarships.