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Rocky at Big Data Day

The School of Information Systems and Management hosts and participates in many initiatives, partnering with companies and schools to offer events and engagement with the Tampa Bay community. These include boot camps, the Center for Analytics & Creativity, and the DoL Tech Hire grant.

Free lecture series

All lectures are 10 A.M.– 11 A.M. EST

Feb 19: Data Science Programming

Professor Balaji Padmanabhan

After an overview of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML), the talk will provide a look at the content covered in USF’s Data Science Programming course and show some examples of python code for building ML models.

April 23: Data Mining

Professor Varol Kayhan

This talk is about data mining – finding patterns in large data sets. We will do a brief overview of the data mining concepts, look at some examples, and conclude with an example project using SAS Enterprise Miner.

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April 30: Team–building through mindful learning,

Professor Tony Kong

Work in modern organizations are largely team-based. However, many work teams do not function as effectively as expected. Why? We will explore key dysfunctions of teams and understand how to overcome them through mindfully-engaged learning.

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May 14th Principles of Collaboration

Professor GJ de Vreede

Collaboration is a fundamental ingredient of organizational life. Yet many organizations struggle to foster productive collaboration processes. People and teams that work together need to overcome many challenges such as goal misalignment, poor processes, poor collaboration technologies, poor leadership, and individual differences. We will discuss how to make sense of these challenges and proactively design successful collaboration efforts.

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