Online Advanced Standing MSW

Online Advanced Standing Requirements & Curriculum

The USF Online Advanced Standing MSW program utilizes a cohort model that allows for students to connect and build relationships with their fellow classmates as well as their instructors through sequenced course work. Students are able to obtain course content online while also participating in face to face learning experiences with faculty.

The USF Online Advanced Standing program is designed to produce graduates who exhibit exemplary professional standards, values, and ethics in the practice of clinical social work. As such, students should enter the online program willing to meet the following requirements:

  • Students will meet face to face via webcam for weekly classes in the evenings from 6:30pm-9:15 pm. The first semester classes will meet on Tuesday evenings while all remaining semesters classes will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings. Students are expected to participate for the full duration of these classes by use of a webcam.
  • Students must be available for daytime hours while completing their field placement. Full-time students are required to complete 20 hours per week in placement. Part-time students are required to complete 10 hours per week in placement. All students must complete at least 4 of their weekly required hours during typical business hours.
  • Students are strongly discouraged from working full time while in the full-time program due to the demands of the program.
  • USF's online programs are authorized in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia. Non-Florida residents should contact their state's licensing agency to ensure this program meets their state's professional licensure requirements. For more information, see here.
  • Specific technical equipment and needs are required to fully participate in an online learning environment. Please review these requirements here


Click here to review the curriculum for the Online Advanced Standing MSW Program. 

*Please note that some synchronous courses will not meet every week. The instructor will inform the student of the exact times once the course syllabi is posted. In some cases, courses will rotate meeting online. For example, Social Work Practice with Couples and Families and Evaluations of Clinical Practice in Diverse Settings may be scheduled to meet on Tuesdays 6:30-9:15 with the schedule rotating each week. Synchronous instruction times are Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 to 9:15 EST

*All clinical electives must be taken in the School of Social Work. A list of approved electives offered by the School of Social Work can be found here.