Project iSED

Project iSED: Advancing Interdisciplinary Services for Students with Severe Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

MSW Full-Time Tampa Program student interested in School Social Work are eligible to apply to become a Project iSED Scholar.

Project iSED

Upon exiting the program, Project students receiving the Project iSED scholarship are required to maintain eligible employment on a full-time or full-time equivalent basis and provide related services to children with disabilities in the school system for a period of two years (if full-time; longer if part-time).

Scholarship Support

Project iSED students will receive:

  • Paid tuition (in-state rate) for 3 semesters (Summer, Fall, and Spring of 2nd year in the MSW  program)
  • Out-of-state tuition waiver for non-Florida residents (for up to 5 semesters for non-Florida residents)
  • Stipends for 3 semesters (Summer, Fall, and Spring of 2nd year in the MSW program)
  • Financial assistance for conference attendance

To learn more and/or apply contact Dr. Alison Salloum at

Application Process

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