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Course Design Institute

spring 2024 Course Design Institute

Looking to liven up a course you have taught many, many times? Or maybe considering designing a course from scratch?

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) will host a five-week Course Design Institute to work with you through the process of (re)developing an effective, learner-centered course. The institute will take place via Microsoft Teams starting January 30, 2024.

Each session will start with a 3-hour presentation on a specific topic with hands-on activities. These topics will cover the basics of course design, types of assessment and transparent assignments, the science of learning, and designing and delivering effective lesson plans. 

This year we will use generative artificial intelligence software to expedite the process of creating your materials. Participants will work individually after each session to apply what they are learning during that session to their courses. One-on-one meetings and feedback will be provided as needed. Lead facilitator Dr. Emad Mansour will work with you throughout and after the period of this institute.

By the end of this Institute, you will have designed or redesigned a course, developed a syllabus, a lesson plan, started an alignment course plan, and identified best practices for effective teaching.

Space is limited, so register online at: 

The institute is available to all USF full-time instructional faculty. Selected participants are expected to engage every day at the institute and will be provided with a certificate upon completion of the requirements.

For questions, contact Emad Mansour or 

 An outline of the schedule is provided below:

Session 1 (3 hours) - Jan. 30

  • Designing backwards for forward progress
  • Assignment: Develop objectives and begin course alignment plan.

 Session 2 (3 hours) - Feb. 6

  • Knowing when they know: evidence of learning
  • Assignment: Design a transparent assignment, continue course alignment plan.

 Session 3 (3 hours) - Feb. 13

  • Incorporating science of learning principles
  • Assignment: Design options for students’ assessment, continue course alignment plan

Session 4 (3 hours) - Feb. 20

  • Building an effective lesson plan
  • Assignment: Write an invitational statement and a lesson plan for one of your classes.

 Session 5 (3 hours) – Feb. 27

  • Practices of effective teaching - Building student community
  • Assignment: Finalize your syllabus, lesson plans and course alignment plan.