Academic Departments

Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering

The chemical engineering program prepares graduates with fundamental knowledge and contemporary skills for the development, economic design and safe operation of chemical and biological systems, processes, products, and methods in a manner compatible with societal values.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

The civil engineering program provides a strong, broad-based, engineering education which gives students the basic intellectual and organization skills. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for professional careers by requiring a number of courses in the various fields of civil engineering and by providing limited specialization in one given area.

Computer Science and Engineering

A computing degree will open doors in whatever industry you want, ranging from big software companies to non-profits. USF CSE offers undergraduate degrees in computer science, computer engineering, cybersecurity, and information technology. USF CSE also offers graduate degrees at the MS and PhD level.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a compelling and broad field that plays an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. An electrical engineering education at USF is not just about coursework or research, but also about rewarding job opportunities, lifelong learning, and professional development.

Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

Industrial engineers solve organizational problems related to productivity and quality improvement in any type of organization. The IMSE faculty and staff are dedicated to creating conditions for student success through innovative teaching, holistic mentoring, and cutting edge research and innovation.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the broadest of engineering disciplines offering a variety of career choices. With collaboration among faculty and students, we have achieved national and international prominence for our research and teaching efforts.

Medical Engineering

The department is jointly run by the College of Engineering and the Morsani College of Medicine. It is home to the Biomedical Engineering program and is a unique transdisciplinary concept that combines the related aspects of engineering and medicine while providing access to real-world health care environments for education and research. The faculty consists of both physicians and engineers.