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Robert Frisina, Jr., Ph.D.
Chair and Distinguished University Professor
Research Areas: Development of Bio-therapeutic Systems, Devices and Compounds for Treating Sensory Deficits; Emphasis on Bench-to-Bedside Investigations of the Auditory System, and Translational Research on Deafness and Other Neuroengineering Applications.
Office: ENC 3504 | Email | 813-974-4394

Christopher Passaglia, Ph.D.
Associate Chair and Professor
Research Areas: Vision Systems, Neural Signal Processing, Computational Modeling, Retinal Physiology and Disease
Office: ENG 247 | Email | 813-974-7140 | Website

Olukemi Akintewe, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Courses taught: EGN 3000L, BME 3312, BME 4056C, BME 4057C
Office: ISA 7031G | Email | 813-974-6152

Anna Bulysheva, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Gene Delivery, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine
Office: ENG 241| Email | 813-974-4649

Bo Ding, M.D., M.S.
Research Associate Professor
Research Areas: Investigate the molecular mechanism of age-related hearing loss and especially characterize the role of autophagy, a highly conserved cellular process, in the auditory system with aging.
Office: 3802 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 210 (BPB 210) | Email| 813-974-4124

Loree C. Heller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Nucleic acid electrotransfer, Non-viral gene therapies, Pattern recognition receptors
Email | 813-974-4637 | Website

Richard Heller, Ph.D.
Research Areas: The major focus is to develop effective drug and gene delivery. The emphasis is on translational studies that include the development and testing of new protocols or devices that can be utilized for potential therapies for cancer, wound healing, metabolic disorders and vascular diseases (peripheral and coronary ischemia) as well as vaccine and immunotherapy protocols.
Email | 813-974-1221

Dr. Mark Jaroszeski, Ph.D.
Research Areas: Drug and Gene Delivery, Electrofusion, Biomedical Instrumentation, Electrophoresis
Office: ENG 243 | Email | 813-974-4662

Huabei Jiang, Ph.D.
Research Areas: Diffuse optical tomography (DOT), photoacoustic tomography (PAT), fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT), and bioluminescence tomography (BLT).
Office: ISA 7030A | Email | 813-974-5253

Albert Kim, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Acousto-Bioelectronics, Sensor & Actuator, Implantable Microdevices, BioMEMS
Office: ISA 7031D | Email
Guilan Shi, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Cancer immunotherapy
George Spirou, Ph.D
Research Areas: Research in the Spirou laboratory is focused on formation of neural circuits in early development and on construction of connectomes, or neural wiring diagrams, at nanoscale resolution. The generation of large image volumes for this work necessitated development of tools to understand these complex data sets. Leveraging long-standing interest in 3D reconstruction of brain structure, he and collaborators joined the revolution in immersive virtual reality to develop software for viewing, annotating and analyzing images. Their software, called syGlass, is marketed by their company, IstoVisio, Inc., which began operation in summer, 2017.
Office: 7037C ISA |Email | 813-974-1425| Website

Hao Yang, Ph.D.
Research Faculty
Research Areas: Optical-based imaging technologies for in vivo visualization of tissue at both the macroscopic and microscopic scales.
Office: ISA 7030B | Email | 813-974-4923

Souheil Zekri, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Courses taught: BME 3053, BME 3082, BME 4882, BME 4883
Office: ISA 7031F | Email | 813-974-5203

CEE Faculty


Nicholas Albergo, PE, DEE, MSCE
Professor of Practice

Office: ENC 3215 | Email  |  813-974-2275


Katherine Alfredo faculty

Dr. Katherine Alfredo, PE
Assistant Professor 
Research Areas: Drinking water quality and treatment, sustainable potable water provisions, US and international water quality regulation, community support of drinking water technology and utilities 
Office: ENC 3212 | Email | Phone: 813-974-9612



christopher alexander

Dr. Christopher L. Alexander
Structures and Materials
Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Corrosion diagnosis and control, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Multi-physics modeling
Office: ENC 3208 | Email | Phone: 813-974-1137 | Website



Dr. Mauricio E. Arias, PE
Water Resources
Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Water resources sustainability; Ecological Engineering; Watershed Hydrology; Water Quality Modeling; Wetland Ecohydrology, Environmental Flows.
Office: ENC 3216  |  Email  |  813-974-5593  |  Website


bill carpenter

Dr. William Carpenter
Structures and Materials 
Professor Emeritus



jeff cunningham

Dr. Jeffrey A. Cunningham
Associate Professor 
Research Areas: Contaminant fate/transport, Physical, chemical, & biological processes for water treatment/water quality control, Water resources & water reuse, Groundwater remediation, Geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide
Office: ENC 3215  |  Email  |  813-974-9540  |  Website

sarina ergas

Dr. Sarina J. Ergas, PE
Research Areas: Biological treatment processes, Nutrient recovery, Water reuse, Low impact development technologies, Sustainable algal biofuel systems
Office: ENC 3210  |  Email  |  813-974-1119  |  Website

manjriker gunaratne

Dr. Manjriker Gunaratne, PE 
Professor and Department Chair 
Research Areas: Modeling of soil and pavement material behavior, modeling of uncertainty in geotechnical systems using probability methods, fuzzy sets and neural networks, application of numerical techniques to pavement design and management, application of digital imaging and satellite technology to solve geotechnical and pavement engineering problems. 
Office: ENC 3303  |  Email  |  813-974-5818


stan kranc

Dr. Stanley C. Kranc, PE
Structures and Materials Professor Emeritus 
Research Areas: Fluid mechanics/heat transfer, Numerical analysis/modeling, Philosophy/history of Technology 
Office: ENG 303  |  Email  |  813-974-5821

xiaopeng li

Dr. Xiaopeng "Shaw" Li
Associate Professor, Susan A. Bracken Faculty Fellow
Research Areas: Connected automated traffic analysis and control, Sustainable infrastructure systems design, Sensor networks
Office: ENG 207  |  Email  |  813-974-0778  |  Website


Pei-Sung Lin

Dr. Pei-Sung Lin, P.E., PTOE, FITE
Program Director, ITS, Traffic Operations and Safety, Center for Urban Transportation Research
Research Areas: ITS, Traffic operations, Safety
Office: CUTR 125 | Email | 813-974-4910


qing lu

Dr. Qing Lu
Associate Professor 
Research Areas: Pavement engineering, Asphalt mix design, Pavement management system, Transportation infrastructure management, Steel bridge deck surfacing 
Office: ENC 3209  |  Email  |  813-974-5822  |  Website

fred mannering

Dr. Fred L. Mannering 
Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Research Areas: Statistical & econometric methods, Highway safety, Transportation economics, Automobile demand, Travel behavior. 
Office: ENC 3506  |  Email  |  813-974-5817  |  Website

michael maness

Dr. Michael Maness
Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Travel Behavior, Travel Demand Forecasting, Choice Modeling, Modeling Social Interactions, Emerging Transportation Technologies, Sustainable Transportation, Travel Survey Methods. 
Office: CUTR 233  |  Email  |  813-974-6144  |  Website

james mihelcic

Dr. James R. Mihelcic, BCEEM
Environmental  |  Samuel L. and Julia M. Flom Endowed Professor  |  Director, National Center for Reinventing Aging Infrastructure for Nutrient Management
Research Areas: Sustainability, Impact of anthropogenic stressors on water resources, Water supply, Water reuse, Nutrient management, Water/sanitation/hygiene (WASH) in the developing world, Engineering education. 
Office: ENC 3508  |  Email  |  813-974-9896  |  Website

gray mullins

Dr. Gray Mullins, PE
Structures and Materials 
Research Areas: Foundation Load Testing, Foundation Rehabilitation, Structural/Geotechnical Instrumentation, Quality Assurance of Drilled Shafts, Post Grouted Drilled Shaft Design/Construction 
Office: ENG 42  |  Email  |  813-974-5845  |  Website

mahmood nachabe

Dr. Mahmood Nachabe, PE
Water Resources 
Research Areas: Hydraulics & water supply systems, Soil & ecosystem hydrology, Flow & contaminant transport in porous media, Stochastic hydrology 
Office: ENG 320  |  Email  |  813-974-5837  |  CV

karim nohra

Karim Nohra
Engineering Education 
Associate Instructor
Undergraduate advisor 
Research Areas:: Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Education 
Office: ENC 3301  |  Email  |  813-974-5594

mark ross

Dr. Mark Ross, PE
Water Resources 
Research Areas: Water resources, Hydraulic & water quality modeling, GIS in Hydrology, Development of lake & estuary water quality management models & estuary sediment dynamics 
Office: ENG 307  |  Email  |  813-974-5838 | CV

alberto sagues

Dr. Alberto Sagüés, PE, FNACE
Structures and Materials
Emeritus Distinguished University Professor
Research Areas: Materials engineering, Corrosion performance of materials for construction & energy applications, Failure analysis & prevention, Physical metallurgy
Office: ENL 112  |  Email  |  813-974-5819  |  Website 

rajan sen

Dr. Rajan Sen, PE, FACI, FASCE
Structures and Materials 
Emeritus Professor and Jefferson Science Fellow
Research Areas: Structural engineering including design of bridges, Dynamic response of structures, Dynamic behavior of piles, Pre-stress concrete 
Office: ENG 41  |  Email  |  813-974-5820

daniel simkins

Dr. Daniel Simkins
Structures and Materials 
Associate Professor 
Research Areas: Computational mechanics, Numerical analysis, Composite materials, Computational engineering 
Office: ENC 3206  |  Email  |  813-974-4174  |  Website 

mike stokes

Dr. Michael J. Stokes, PE 
Structures and Materials 
Associate Professor of Instruction
Research Areas: Foundation load testing, Non-destructive foundation integrity testing, FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) repair of corroding piles, Engineering education. 
Office: ENG 43  |  Email  |  813-974-8244

amy stuart

Dr. Amy Stuart
Research Areas: Air pollution, Atmospheric chemistry, Environmental computational modeling, Urban design & human exposure to transportation emissions 
Office: CPH 1117  |  Email  |  813-974-6632  |  Website 

andres tejada

Dr. Andrés E. Tejada-Martínez
Water Resources 
Associate Professor 
Research Areas: Numerical simulations of turbulent flows; vertical turbulent mixing in the upper ocean and coastal shelves; mixing/hydraulic efficiency of water and wastewater treatment systems; finite element, finite difference and spectral methods for fluids; parallel computing.  
Office: ENC 3207  |  Email  |  813-974-1738   |  Website

maya trotz

Dr. Maya A. Trotz
Professor  |  Faculty Fellow at Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions 
Research Areas: Sustainability, Water quality, Ecotourism & small scale mining impacts on sustainable livelihoods, Climate change, Environmental engineering education in formal & informal settings in the US and in developing countries 
Office: ENC 3502  |  Email  |  813-974-3172  |  Website 

daniel yeh

Dr. Daniel H. Yeh, PE, LEED AP
Research Areas: Water purification, wastewater resource recovery and life support in challenging, off-grid and remote environments; Autonomous, self-powered water machines; Anaerobic and phototrophic membrane bioreactors; Food-to-food (F2F) Biorecycling; Innovations at water-energy-food nexus.
Office: ENC 3213  |  Email  |  813-974-4746  | Website



Dr. Abla Zayed
Structures and Materials
Research Areas: Cementitious systems, Construction materials durability
Office: ENG 221 | Email | 813-974-5823


qiong zhang

Dr. Qiong Zhang
Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Research Areas: Green engineering, Sustainability, Life cycle assessment, Water-energy nexus, coupled nature-human system modeling, Environmental fate & transport modeling, Water supply & treatment, Engineering education 
Office: ENC 3214  |  Email  |  813-974-6448  |  Website

yu zhang

Dr. Yu Zhang
Research Areas: Transportation systems modeling & analysis, Air traffic management & performance evaluation, Sustainable transportation, Energy & Environment, Autonomous systems, Logistics & freight transportation, Transportation safety 
Office: ENC 3211  |  Email  |  813-974-5846   |  Website 


Kristin Morico

Kristin Morico
Adjunct Professor
Research Areas: Potable water supply/operations/design/policy, Wastewater design/operations, Air quality policy/science/design, Waste policy/management/circular economy, Remedial investigation/policy/design, ESG/sustainability, Environment/health/safety compliance
Office: ENC 3210 | Email


Dr. Zachary B. Haber

Dr. Zachary B. Haber, PE
Structures and Materials
Assistant Professor 
Research Areas: Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), Reinforced and Pre-stressed Concrete Structures, Bridge Engineering, Strengthening and Preservation of Structures, Sustainable and Advanced Materials
Office: ENG 40  |  Email   |  Website




Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Surface Forces and Chemical Characterization • Micellar Surfactants • Nanoparticles • Organic/Inorganic Thin Films


norma@usf.edu | 813-974-8009 | ENC 3201 | Faculty Webpage



Professor and Director of Materials Science & Engineering

Biosensors • Plasmonics • Computational Catalysis


IDRB 218 | bhethana@usf.edu | 813-974-3041 | Faculty WebpageLaboratory Website

Dr. Ramon Gonzalez


Professor and Florida 21st Century World Class Scholar

Metabolic Engineering • Biorefining and Biofuels


ENC 3202 | ramongonzale@usf.edu| 813-974-1223 | Faculty PageLaboratory Website

Dr. Yogi Goswami


Distinguished University Professor

Energy Conversion • Solar Energy • Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells • Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer • HVAC


ENB 260A | goswami@usf.edu | 813-974-0956 | Faculty Webpage | Laboratory Website

Dr. Vinay Gupta


Interim Chair, Professor, Graduate Advisor

Interfacial Phenomena • Polymeric Materials • Organic – Inorganic Composites • Self – Assembled Systems • Molecular Recognition • Nanoscale/Smart Materials


ENC 3200  |  vkgupta@usf.edu |  813-974-0851  |  Faculty WebpageLaboratory Website

Dr. Piyush Koria


Associate Professor and Undergraduate Advisor

Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine • Microscale Technologies • Biomaterials • Nanomedicine


ENG 248 | pkoria@usf.edu| 813-974-6243 | Faculty Webpage

Dr. John Kuhn


Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Heterogeneous Catalysis • Materials Chemistry • Electro – catalysis • Engineering Education • Renewable Energy


IDRB 202D | jnkuhn@usf.edu| 813-974-6498 | Faculty WebpageLaboratory Website

Dr. Bill Lee



Biomechanics, Prosthetic Design, Creative Processes, Education


ENG 245 | wlee2@usf.edu| 813-974-2136 | Faculty Webpage

Dr. Sandra Pettit


Professor of Instruction

Pedagogy and Engineering Education


ENC 3203 | spettit@usf.edu| 813-974-1304 | Faculty Webpage

Dr. Anna Pyayt


Associate Professor

Nano-photonic chips for Biomedicine


IDRB 202E  |  pyayt@usf.edu |  813-974-6250  | Faculty WebpageWebsite

Dr. David S. Simmons


Associate Professor

Polymers • Molecular Simulations • Glass-Forming Materials • Nanocomposites • Elastomers • Films and Interfaces


ENC 3205 | Email | 813-974-4988 | Faculty WebpageLaboratory Website

Dr. Larry A. Stern


Assistant Professor

Immunotherapy • Protein Engineering • Cell Engineering • Biomolecular Engineering • High-Throughput Screening Techniques


ENC 2212 | sternl@usf.edu| 813-974-5587 | Faculty WebpageLaboratory Website



Dr. Aydin K. Sunol



Systems engineering • Supercritical fluid technology • Green Engineering • Product and Process Design


ENC 3217 | asunol@usf.edu| 813-974-3566 | Faculty WebpageLaboratory Website

Dr. Ryan Toomey



Responsive Polymers • Hydrogels


ENC 3503 | toomey@usf.edu| 813-974-9164 | Faculty Webpage


Dr. Chris Schemel

Dr. Christopher Schemel
Professor of Practice, Founder & President of Delta Q Consultants, Inc.
Research Areas: Fire & explosion safety, hazard identification & hazard analysis, consequence analysis and quanititaive risk assessment


 Emeritus Faculty


Dr. J. Carlos Busot 
Emeritus Professor
Research Areas:  Reactor design and Simulation, Irreversible Thermodynamics, Engineering Education



Dr. Carlos Smith
Emeritus Professor
Research Areas: Automatic process control, Dynamic process modeling, Process engineering
|  Email  |


Dr. Babu Joseph

Dr. Babu Joseph
Emeritus Professor
Research Areas: Modeling, Simulation and Control • Multi – scale Modeling of Systems • Clean Liquid Fuels from Biomass • Fischer – Tropsch Synthesis
| Email |Website |



Affiliated Faculty 


Dr. Robert Frisina, Jr 
Interdisciplinary Distinguished University Professor, Chair of Medical Engineering Dept.
Research Areas:  Development of Bio-therapeutic Systems, Devices and Compounds for Treating Sensory Deficits; Emphasis on Bench-to-Bedside Investigations of the Auditory System, and Translational Research on Deafness and Other Neuroengineering Applications.
Office: ENC 3504  |  Email  |  813-974-4394  |  Website



Dr. Nathan D. Gallant
Interdisciplinary Professor
Research Areas: Materials, Tissue Engineering, Mechanotransduction
Office: ENC 2407  |  Email  |  813-974-5840  |  Website



Dr. Mark Jaroszeski
Interdisciplinary Associate Professor
Research Areas: Drug and Gene Delivery, Electrofusion, Biomedical Instrumentation, Electrophoresis
Office: ENG 243  |  Email  |  813-974-4662



Dr. Christopher Passaglia
Interdisciplinary Professor
Research Areas: Vision Systems, Neural Signal Processing, Computational Modeling, Retinal Physiology and Disease
Office: ENG 247  |  Email  |  813-974-7140  |  Website

Create Health Faculty

Carla VandeWeerd, Ph.D, Assistant Professor

Dr. VandeWeerd is an Associate Professor in the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida and serves as the Director of Research for a large, technology-enhanced healthcare practice in which more than 60 physician's and 100 support personnel provide primary and specialty care to a practice of more than 35,000 patients. Dr. VandeWeerd's research interest focus on the intersection of data, technology and health and she maintains an active research portfolio with more than a million dollars in funded projects from agencies such as Florida's High Tech Corridor and The National Science Foundation. Dr. VandeWeerd is a highly skilled mixed-methods researcher and her work exploring health and healthcare in a community of older adults in central Florida resulted in successful collection of interview, focus group and survey data from more than 30,000 older adults and was awarded the Erickson Award for Excellence in Aging Research by The American Public Health Association. In addition to the conduct of translation-focused data collection and analysis of health outcomes data in hospital, primary-care, and community practice settings, Dr. VandeWeerd's research includes work as a principal investigator in the development of a home-based sensor system that uses passive sensing (i.e. pressure, contact, and motion sensors) to monitor health the health and wellness of older adults. Commercial applications of this technology are currently being explored as part of the National Science Foundation I-Corp Program. In conjunction with development and healthcare partners, Dr. VandeWeerd is also leading a clinical trial exploring the use of BNA (functional EEG) technology as a tool to identify healthy and at-risk brains in late life in support of early-detection of cognitive or mental health impairments. Dr. VandeWeerd's teaching portfolio includes teaching courses on grant writing, applied research, social determinants of health and analytics at the graduate level, and the research lab she leads with her colleague and research partner Ali Yalcin, PhD, actively employs and mentors 20 students from a range of interdisciplinary backgrounds (i.e public health, engineering, aging, computer science, mental health counselling, and biomedical sciences) at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. Dr. VandeWeerd has served as a member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Roundtable on Value Driven Health Care for the Clinical Effectiveness Research Innovation Collaborative (CERIC), National Academy of Sciences, and she has provided service to her profession as a reviewer for the National Institute of Health (NIH) Community Influences on Behavior Section. Additionally, Dr. VandeWeerd provides service to her professional through work as an active reviewer for 10 journals including The American Journal of Public Health. For fun she scuba dives and rides a Harley Davidson.


Ali Yalcin,PhD, Associate Professor

Ali Yalcin, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Industrial and Management Systems in the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida. His research interests include health care systems, modeling, analysis, and control of discrete event systems, information systems, data analysis and knowledge discovery, and engineering education. He has taught courses in the areas of systems modeling and analysis, information systems design, and development, systems dynamics and systems simulation. He also co-authored a seminal text, Design of Industrial Information Systems, by Elsevier named the Joint Publishers textbook of the year. His research has been funded by federal agencies and private industry.


José L. Zayas-Castro, PhD, Professor

José L. Zayas-Castro, PhD, is a Professor of Industrial and Management Systems in the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida. His research interests include health care systems, including modeling, analysis, data analysis, economic analysis,  and process improvement. In addition he works at the intersection of engineering entrepreneurship and innovation, the integration of research and engineering education, and diversity and inclusion. Through his career he has taught  courses in the areas of statistical data analysis, information systems, cost and economic analysis, project-based/capstone.  He has supervised multiple graduate and undergraduate students. His work has been funded by federal and state agencies, and private industry.

CSE Faculty

James Anderson

James Anderson, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENG 215 | 813-974-3032 | Email

Research: Electrical and Healthcare Networks; Cybersecurity


Marvin Andujar

Marvin Andujar, Assistant Professor
ENB 316 | 813-974-8421 | Email

Research: Brain-computer interfaces; brain-robot interaction; personal informatics; ubiquitous computing; symbiotic interaction; affective computing


Shaun Canavan

Shaun Canavan, Assistant Professor
ENB 315 | 813-974-3137 | Email

Research: Computer vision; face and sketch recognition; expression analysis; human computer interaction; facial feature detection and tracking


Sriram Chellappan

Sriram Chellappan, Professor 
ENB 317 | 813-974-1379 | Email

Research: Socio-technical systems; cybersecurity; smart health; mobile networking; cyber-physical systems; mobile and wireless computings

Awards: NSF CAREER (2013)


Ken Christensen

Ken Christensen, Professor and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Affairs
ENB 319 | 813-974-4761 | Email

Research: Performance evaluation of computer networks; high-speed packet switch architectures; energy-efficient networks (green networks)

Awards: NSF CAREER (1998), USF CSE Broadening Participation in Computing  Award (2022), USF Kosove Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Service Award (2017), USF Excellence in Innovation Award (2009), USF Teaching Incentive Program Award (1998)


Roger Rang

Suey-Chun (Roger) Fang, Associate Professor of Instruction
ENG 016 | 813-974-2398 | Email

Research: Data modeling; data warehousing; information systems; deductive databases; visual programming 


Alessio Gaspar

Alessio Gaspar, Associate Professor
ENB 343E | 813-974-2932 | Email

Research: Evolutionary algorithms; computing education research; computer assisted learning; intelligent tutoring systems 


Dmitry Goldgof

Dmitry B. Goldgof, Distinguished University Professor and Vice Chair
ENB 326 | 813-974-4055 | Email

Research: Medical image analysis; image and video processing; computer vision and pattern recognition; ethics and computing; bioinformatics and bioengineering

Awards: AAIA Fellow (2018), AIMBE Fellow (2017), AAAS Fellow  (2016), IAPR Fellow (2010), USF Excellence in Innovation Award (2020)


Lawrence Hall

Lawrence Hall, Distinguished University Professor 
ENB 330 | 813-974-4195 | Email

Research: Intelligent systems; machine learning/data mining; fuzzy logic in intelligent systems; artificial intelligence in visual pattern recognition 

Awards: AIMBE Fellow (2018), AAAS Fellow (2013), IAPR Fellow (2010),  IEEE Fellow (2003)


William Hendrix

William Hendrix III, Assistant Professor of Instruction and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Computer Science and Computer Engineering
ENB 301C | 813-974-7453 | Email

Research: Graph algorithms; parallel computing


Isabela Hidalgo

Isabela M. Hidalgo, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENB 301B | 813-974-6048 | Email

Research: Human-computer interaction; programming languages


Henrick Jeanty

Henrick Jeanty, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENG 017 | 813-974-1982 | Email

Research: Technical analysis algorithm; optical character recognition


Robert Karam

Robert Karam, Assistant Professor
ENB 341 | 813-974-4184 | Email

Research: Hardware security; reconfigurable computing; bioimplantable devices (algorithms & digital hardware)


Srinivas Katkoori

Srinivas Katkoori, Associate Professor
ENB 258 | 813-974-5737 | Email

Research: High-level synthesis; low power synthesis; radiation tolerant VLSI design and CAD

Awards: NSF CAREER (2001), USF Jerome Krivanek Distinguished Teacher Award (2013), USF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (2007), USF Outstanding Faculty Research Achievement Award (2003)


Gene Louis Kim

Gene Louis Kim, Assistant Professor
ENB 376 | (813)-396-2882 | Email

Research: Gene's research aims to integrate the benefits of neural and symbolic methods for modeling language meaning which supports automatic parsing and computer reasoning while being informed by linguistic semantics.


Dr. Kim

Seungbae Kim, Assistant Professor
ENB 311 |(813)-396-2881| Email

Research: Artificial intelligence; Graph neural networks; Machine learning (Fairness and Explainability); Social network analysis, Applied data science



Valentina Korzhova

Valentina Korzhova, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENB 343G | 813-974-0909 | Email 

Research: Computer vision; image processing; pattern recognition


Wanwan Li

Wanwan Li, Visiting Assistant Professor
ENB 343K| 3217329405 | Email

Research: Computer Graphics; Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Augmented Virtuality; Edutainment & e-Training; Procedural Modeling; Computational Design; Deep Learning; Sketch-Based Interface; Brain-Computer Interface;


John Licato

John Licato, Assistant Professor
ENB 301D | 813-974-6212 | Email

Research: Artificial Intelligence; natural language processing (NLP); computational cognitive modeling; cognitive science and robotics; automated theorem provers; argumentation; human reasoning

Awards: AFOSR Young Investigator’s Award (2017)


Jay Ligatti

Jay Ligatti, Professor and Director of Graduate Admissions
ENB 333 | 813-974-0908 | Email

Research: Runtime Security Mechanisms; Authentication; Policy Composition; Injection Attacks; Enforceability Theory; Type Systems; Subtyping; Policy-Specification Languages

Awards: NSF CAREER (2008), Best-paper award at ACM PLDI (2007), Test of Time Award at ACM CCS (2015)


Yao Liu

Yao Liu, Associate Professor 
ENB 336 | 813-974-1079 | Email

Research: Network security; wireless technologies  

Awards: NSF CAREER (2016)


Dr. Ankur

Ankur Mali, Assistant Professor
ENB247A | 813-396-2826| Email 

Research: Trustworthy AI, Deep learning theory, Natural language processing, Memory augmented neural networks, Physics informed NNs, Bio-inspired neural architectures, and Lifelong learning. 

Awards: IVADO Fellow (2022), Harvard Medical and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Postdoctoral Fellow (2022)

Mehran Mozaffari Kermani

Mehran Mozaffari Kermani, Associate Professor
ENB 338 | 813-974-2671 | Email

Research: Fault diagnosis and tolerance in cryptography; cryptographic engineering; computer arithmetic 

Awards: USF Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2020), USF Nexus Initiative Global Award (2019), USF College of Engineering Outstanding Junior Research Achievement Award (2018)



John Murray-Bruce, Assistant Professor
ENB 301A | Email

Research: Computational imaging; PDE-constrained inverse problems; Computational sensing; Sampling theory and applications



Tempestt Neal, Assistant Professor
ENB 310 | 813-396-9353 | Email

Research: Biometrics; Applied Smart Sensing; Applied Artificial Intelligence; Inclusive Cybersecurity; Human-Centered Computing

Awards: NSF CAREER Award (2023), Florida Education Fund Junior Faculty Fellow (2021-2022)


Xinming (Simon) Ou

Xinming (Simon) Ou, Professor
ENB 339 | 813-974-4522 | Email

Research: Cyber security; cyber physical systems; programming languages; cloud computing; human aspects of computing 

Awards: NSF CAREER (2010)



Mauricio Pamplona Segundo, Visiting Assistant Professor
ENB 343H | Email

Research: Computer vision (biometric recognition, remote sensing, video analysis, 3D vision); machine learning (few-shot learning, distribution modeling)

Awards: IET Biometrics Best Paper Award, The IET Premium Awards 2020, IET 2020


Marbin Pazos-Revilla

Marbin Pazos-Revilla, Assistant Professor of Instruction and Systems Administrator
ENB 343C | 813-974-5043 | Email

Research: Cybersecurity; Cyber-physical systems; Internet of Things; Engineering Education


Les A Piegl

Les A. Piegl, Professor 
ENC 2501 | 813-974-5234 | Email 

Research: Computer-aided design; geometric modeling; computer graphics and analysis; design of geometric algorithms 

Awards: William Mong Research Fellow The University of Hong Kong (2003), Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow (1985), USF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (1991), USF Teaching Incentive Program Award (1993)


Dr. Dayane

Dayane Reis, Assistant Professor
ENB 318 |(813)-396-2837| Email

Research: VLSI, low power design, AI accelerators, emerging technologies, hardware security

Awards: Best paper award at the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and Low Power Design in 2018 (ISLPED’18), Cadence Women in Technology (WIT) Scholar 2018/2019


Sudeep Sarkar

Sudeep Sarkar, Distinguished University Professor and Department Chair
ENB 345 | 813-974-2113 | Email 

Research: Computer vision and image analysis; automated sign language; recognition biometrics and human identification; perceptual organization for grouping and segmentation; Bayesian methods  

Awards: NAI Fellow (2017), AIMBE Fellow (2016), NSF CAREER (1995), USF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (1998)


Schinnel Small

Schinnel Small, Assistant Professor of Instruction and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Information Technology
ENB 343F | 813-974-2126 | Email

Research: Programming languages; computer architecture; visual analytics


Yu Sun

Yu Sun, Professor
ENB 331 | 813-974-7508 | Email 

Research: Intelligent systems; robotics; cyber physical systems and virtual reality; computer vision; medical image processing; deep learning

Awards: USF Excellence in Innovation Award (2018), USF Neuroscience Collaborative Award (2010)


Yicheng Tu

Yicheng Tu, Professor 
ENB 340 | 813-974-2114 | Email 

Research: Database systems; multimedia systems; distributed systems 

Awards: NSF CAREER (2013), USF Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2014), USF Outstanding Faculty Award (2014)


Philip Ventura

Philip Ventura, Associate Professor of Instruction
ENG 211 | 813-974-0552 | Email

Research: Computer science education; pedagogy of object orientation; objects-first introductory CS curricula


Jing Wang

Jing Wang, Professor of Instruction and Director of Broadening Participation in Computing 
ENC 3501 | 813-974-6897 | Email 

Research: Computer animation; broadening participation in computing; undergraduate computer science and engineering education

Awards: USF Women in Leadership & Philanthropy Dr. Kathleen Moore Faculty Excellence Award (2020), Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, University of South Florida (2011)


Alfredo Weitzenfeld

Alfredo Weitzenfeld, Professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs
ENB 314 | 813-974-4905 | Email 

Research: Biologically-inspired robotics; cognitive robotics; humanoid robots; multi-robot systems


Dr. Woodward

Julia Woodward, Assistant Professor
ENB 332 | 813-396-2828 | Email 

Research: Human-centered computing, human-computer interaction, natural user interfaces, child-computer interaction, mobile computing, multimodal interaction, learning technologies 

Awards: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2019)



Attila A. Yavuz, Associate Professor
ENG 117 | 813-974-0419 | Email 

Research: Applied cryptography; privacy enhancing technologies; light-weight cryptography; cyber-security for critical cyber-infrastructures (e.g., internet of things and cloud systems); network security

Awards: NSF CAREER (2017-2023), Cisco Research Awards (2019,2020, 2022), USF Excellence in Innovation Award (2022), USF Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2020), USF College of Engineering’s Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2020)


Yan Zhang

Yan Zhang, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENB 343A | 813-974-9653 | Email

Research: Congestion control and energy optimization in data center networks; content delivery acceleration over wide area networks; energy efficient networking


Hao Zheng

Hao Zheng, Associate Professor 
ENB 312 | 813-974-4757 | Email

Research: Hardware/Software testing and verification; embedded systems; computer architecture; VLSI design; electronic design automation

Awards: NSF CAREER (2006), Best Paper Award, the 21st International SPIN Symposium of Model Checking of Software (2014), USF Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2007)


 Adjunct Faculty


William Gauvin




Carol Hoeke




Richard Rauscher


Emeritus Faculty

Harvey Glass

Harvey Glass, Emeritus Professor
Research: Operating systems; programming languages; embedded systems design


Abraham Kandel

Abraham Kandel, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
Research: Applied fuzzy logic and computational intelligence; software testing and productivity; decision-making in uncertain environments; data mining 



Rangachar Kasturi, Douglas W. Hood Professor Emeritus 

Research: Computer vision; pattern recognition; document image analysis


Rafael Perez

Rafael Perez, Professor 

Research: Artificial intelligence; neural networks; genetic algorithms 


Dewey Rundus

Dewey Rundus, Emeritus Professor
Research: Human-computer interaction



Murali Varanasi

Murali Varanasi, Emeritus Professor
Research: Coding theory; computer arithmetic



Courtesy Faculty

Peter Mouton

Peter R. Mouton, Courtesy Faculty



Matthew Peterson

Matthew Peterson, Courtesy Faculty



Paul Sanberg

Paul Sanberg, Courtesy Faculty



John Skvoretz

John Skvoretz, Courtesy Faculty



Jean-Francois Biasse

Ankit Shah

EE faculty


Sanjukta Bhanja, Ph.D., Professor and Executive Associate Dean, University of South Florida (2002)
Office: ENB 376 | Lab: ENB 349A | Phone: (813) 974-4755 | Email
Dr. Bhanja's Website
Dr. Bhanja's Fact Sheet
Dr. Bhanja's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Bhanja's research is in Nano-Computing using Beyond-CMOS Emerging Technologies: modeling, fabrication, characterization and design automation harnessing unique properties of the nano-devices. Her recent work focuses on nano-magnetic logic, spin-couple computing, organic spintronics, straintronics, resistive logic/memory in creating unique computing paradigm. The target application domains are futuristic programmable magnetic grids for Computer Vision applications, Data-centric Embedded/Secured computing, Graphical Probabilistic Models for Stochastic High Performance Computing and Next generation Memories.


Robert H. Bishop

Robert H. Bishop, Ph.D., P.E., Professor and Dean, Rice University (1990)
Office: ENB 105L | Phone: (813) 974-3780 | Email

Dr. Bishop is a specialist in the area of systems theory, guidance and control of aerospace vehicles, and navigation and estimation theory with applications across a broad range of global challenges. His current research interests are in the area of advanced navigation algorithm development with fast-to-flight characteristics, integrated navigation and guidance for planetary precision landing, small satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles. Dr. Bishop was selected twice as a Faculty Fellow of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and as a Welliver Fellow of the Boeing Company.


Alexandro Castellano

Alexandro Castellanos, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Instruction, University of South Florida (2006)
Office: ENB 379D | Phone: (813) 974-1025 | Email 

Dr. Castellanos's research interests lie in the area of cyber physical systems, embedded systems, Internet of things (IoT) and control theory for industrial applications in the areas of Mechatronics and Industrial Automation.


Morris Chang, Ph.D., Professor, North Carolina State University (1993)
Office: ENB 255 | phone: (813) 974-4894 | Email
Dr. Chang's Website
Dr. Chang's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Chang's research interests are in the broad area of computer and wireless networking systems, with recent emphasis on cybersecurity: Attribution, Program Analysis for cybersecurity and privacy-preserving Internet Computation; Energy-aware mobile and cloud systems; Energy-efficient wireless networks.



Kwang-Cheng Chen, Ph.D., Professor and Fellow of the IEEE, University of Maryland, College Park (1989)
Office: ENB 245 | Phone: (813) 974-1023 | Email
Dr. Chen's Fact Sheet
Dr. Chen's Website
Dr. Chen's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Chen's research interests lie in information communication technology essential to digital society, particularly in large networks and computations. Specific interests include large communication networks: Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems and Edge Computing, 5G Mobile Communications and Beyond, Ad Hoc Sensor Networking, In-Network Computations and Approximate Computing, Cognitive Radio Networks, Secure Communications and Resilient Networks; Large Information Networks: Social Networks, Big Data Analytics, Multi-Agent Systems and Collective Behavior, Fusion and Decision on Heterogeneous/Multimodal Data, Biochemical Reaction Networks and Applications to Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology, Decision under Uncertainty, and Cybersecurity and Privacy


larry dunleavy

Larry Dunleavy, Ph.D., Professor, University of Michigan (1988)
Office: ENB 364 | Phone: (813) 974-2574 | Email
The WAMI Center
Dr. Dunleavy's Fact Sheet

Dr. Dunleavy's research interests are related to microwave and millimeter-wave device, circuit and system design, characterization and modeling.


Lingling Fan

Lingling Fan, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, West Virginia University (2001)
Office: ENB 247 | Phone: (813) 974-2031 | Email
Dr. Fan's Website
Dr. Fan's Fact Sheet
Dr. Fan's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Fan's research is focused on renewable energy source grid integration, modeling and control of energy systems, large-scale power system planning and operation.


Christos Ferekides

Christos Ferekides, Ph.D., Department Chair and Professor, University of South Florida (1991)
Office: ENB 256 | Phone: (813) 974-4818 | Email
Dr. Ferekides' Google Scholar Link
Dr. Ferekide's Active Research Projects

Dr. Ferekides' research interests include thin-film electronic materials and devices for optoelectronic applications; thin film depositions and properties; device fabrication and characterization.

Nasir Ghani

Nasir Ghani, Ph.D., Professor, University of Waterloo, Canada (1997)
Program Director Masters in Cybersecurity, and Academic Research Director Cyber Florida
Office: ENB 374 | Phone: (813) 974-4772 | Email
Dr. Ghani's Website

Dr. Ghani's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Ghani is involved in a wide range of research activities in the areas of cybersecurity, networking, disaster recovery, cloud computing, and cyber-physical systems (integrated power grids). In addition, his research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Department of Energy, Qatar Foundation, Department of Education, and Sprint-Nextel Corporation. He also received the NSF CAREER Award in 2005 for his work on multi-domain networking as well as the UNM Lawton-Ellis Award in 2011 for excellence in research, teaching, and outreach.


Drew Hoff

Drew Hoff, Ph.D., Professor and Graduate Program Director, Penn State University (1988)
Office: ENB 248 | LAB: ENB 111 | Phone: (813) 974-4958 | Email
Dr. Hoff's Fact Sheet
Dr. Hoff's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Hoff's research interests include: Afterglow chemical processing of materials for electronics, sensor, and MEMS applications; Oxide formation on Si & SiC, Diamond processing, Surface Conditioning, Noncontact Corona Kelvin Metrology of electronic materials; Dielectrics, SiC, Corona Ion-Assisted delivery of drugs and DNA to Skin and Tissue, Noncontact voltage and corona characterization of cells and tissue, Contamination monitoring and control in IC Manufacturing, Microsystem and MEMS fabrication, Integrated Circuit manufacturing and in-line testing, and Workforce development and training for technology professionals.


Chung Seop Jeong

Chung Seop Jeong, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Instruction, Marquette University (2007)
Office: ENB 253 | Phone: (813) 974-6415 | Email 

Dr. Jeong's research interests lie in the area of control systems with specialty in designing resilient, robust, optimal, and adaptive observers and controllers for linear, nonlinear, stochastic, and chaotic systems.


Zhuo Lu, Ph.D., Associate Professor, North Carolina State University (2013)
Office: ENB 347 | Phone: (813) 974-8259 | Email
Dr. Lu's Communications, Security and Analytics (CSA) Lab

Dr. Lu's research interests broadly include network science, cyber security, data analytics, wireless and mobile communication networking, and cyber-physical systems.


Zhixion Miao

Zhixin Miao, Ph.D., P.E, Associate Professor: West Virginia University (2002)
Office: ENB 370 | Phone: (813) 974-4237 | Email
Dr. Miao's Fact Sheet

Dr. Miao's Google Scholar Link


Dr. Miao's research interests include smart grid automation, electric power system modeling and simulation, microgrid technologies to integrate renewable energy and energy storage, and power market.

Wilfrido A. Moreno

Wilfrido A. Moreno, Ph.D., Professor, University of South Florida (1993)
Office: ENB 254 | Phone: (813) 974-4775 | Email
Dr. Moreno's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Moreno's research interests are: Energy, Power Electronics and Controls Option Supervisor- Primary areas of interest include System integration for industrial applications in the areas of Industrial Controls & Instrumentation, Robotics, Digital Signal Processing, Reconfigurable Architectures, Analog-Digital Mixed Signal Design & Synthesis, Communications and Biomedical Engineering. Other areas of current interest are the use of Lasers in developing new methods and techniques for electronic circuitry interconnects and test validation of VLSI fault tolerant designs, Laser Restructuring for quick prototyping of electronic circuits; laser machining and Multimedia & Instructional Technologies Solutions for Engineering Education including Distance Learning.

Gokhan Mumcu

Gokhan Mumcu; Ph.D., Professor, The Ohio State University, (2008)
Office: ENB 362 | Phone: (813) 974-8178 | Email
Dr. Mumcu's Fact Sheet
Dr. Mumcu's Website
Dr. Mumcu's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Mumcu's research is focused on electromagnetic theory, computational electromagnetics, THz imaging systems, metamaterials and their applications to small directive radiators and printed miniature antennas.

Dr. NAeini

Mia (Mahshid) Naeini, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico (2014)
Office: ENB 244A | Phone (813) 974-1597 | Email
Dr. Naeini's Webpage
Dr. Naeini's Fact Sheet
Dr. Naeini's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Naeini's research interests lie in the area of network science, stochastic processes, system modeling, network mining, network analytics, machine learning, and prediction models with applications in communication networks, cyber-physical-human systems with particular emphasis on smart grids, and their reliability, security and performance evaluation.



Ashwin B. Parthasarathy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin (2010)
Office Location: ENB 257 | Phone: 813-974-7407 | Email
Dr. Parthasarathy's Fact Sheet
Translational Optics Imaging and Spectroscopy Lab
Dr. Parthasarathy's Google Scholar Link

 Dr. Parthasarathy's research interests are in the development of novel biomedical instrumentation and imaging techniques with optics, and the clinical translation of these medial devices for applications that include bedside diagnoses/monitoring of brain injuries (e.g., strokes, traumatic brain injury), intraoperative imaging, and critical care monitoring. The ultimate goal of Dr. Parthasarathy's research is utilize these custom clinical biomedical devices and directly measure tissue physiology at the bedside, thereby developing non-invasive biomarkers of disease, bedside disease models, and thus personalized optimization of treatment..

Stephen E. Saddow

Stephen E. Saddow, Ph.D., Professor, University of Maryland at College Park (1993)
Office: ENB 243 | Phone: (813) 974-4773 | Email
Dr. Saddow's Website
Dr. Saddow's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Saddow's research interests are to develop wide-bandgap silicon carbide semiconductor materials for Bio, Nano and MEMS applications His ultimate research objective is to develop smart implants and sensors for biomedical and harsh environment applications. Prof. Saddow was jointly appointed in 2009 to the college of medicine where he is working to develop 3C-SiC based devices for insertion into the nervous system. The goal is the realization of brain-machine-interface (BMI) devices based on SiC. His group has demonstrated the biocompatibility of SiC with neural cells, both in-vitro and in-vivo, and has demonstrated the biocompatibility of epitaxial graphene on SiC.

Ravi Sankar

Ravi Sankar, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, Penn State University (1985)
Office: ENB 373 | Phone: (813) 974-4769 | Email
iCONS Research Group
Dr. Sankar's Fact Sheet

Dr. Sankar's main research interests are in the multidisciplinary areas of wireless communications, networking, signal processing and its applications. In particular, in the communications and networking area, his research interests are on the resource and mobility managements of wireless cellular, ad-hoc, and sensor networks, energy-efficient protocol design and cross-layer optimization. In the signal processing area, emphasis is on all aspects of processing from feature extraction, coding, and recognition to machine learning applied to speech, biomedical and other signals and in integrating intelligent techniques including the use of neural networks and fuzzy logic in the simulation, modeling, and design of high performance and robust systems. His current focus is on the use of wearable sensors and technologies for advancing health care.


Rudy Schlaf

Rudy Schlaf, Ph.D., Professor, Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany (1995)
Office: IDRB 202F | Phone: (813) 974-8463 | Email
Surf Science Lab
Dr. Schlaf's Fact Sheet

Dr. Schlaf's main research interests currently span the following areas: Spray based deposition of macro-molecular thin films and interfaces, photoemission spectroscopy on organic semiconductor/bio-materials interfaces, work function measurements, directed assembly of macromolecular materials, biosensors, thin film photovoltaics, and electronic structure and growth phenomena of atomic layer deposition thin films.

E. K. Stefanakos

E. K. Stefanakos, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, Washington State University (1969)
Office: ENB 250 | Phone: (813) 974-4413 | Email
Dr. Stefanakos' Fact Sheet
Dr. Stefanakos' Google Scholar Link

Research interests: clean energy; photovoltaics.


Arash Takshi

Arash Takshi, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of British Columbia (2007)
Office: ENC 2502 | Phone: 813-974-1121 | Email
Bio-Organic Electronics Group

Dr. Takshi's Fact Sheet
Dr. Takshi's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Takshi's primary research interest research is in the field of renewable energy. In particular, he is interested in the research on bio/organic solar cells. He believes that employing new materials can push the limits in solar cells, beyond what silicon technology can offer. Furthermore, using emerging materials, new devices with special features can be developed to address some of the existing challenges in the application of renewable energy.


Sylvia Thomas

Sylvia Thomas, Ph.D.,  Professor, Howard University (1999)
Interim Vice President for Research & Innovation, President & CEO of the USF Research Foundation, Inc. 

Office: ENB 368 | Phone: (813) 974-4011 | Email
Advanced Materials Bio & Integration Research Laboratory
Dr. Thomas' Fact Sheet

Dr. Thomas' research and teaching endeavors are in the areas of Advanced Materials for applications in alternative energy sources, sustainable environments, and bio-applications for nano-electro mechanical system (NEMS) devices – nanowires and nanoparticles. Her research explores the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth nucleation, film characterization, and device fabrication of III-V and II-IV materials, such as AlN and SiC. Her research is interdisciplinary in nature and fosters collaborations with Chemical and Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Public Health, Medicine, and the Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Research Center (NNRC).


Ismail Uysal

Ismail Uysal, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, University of Florida (2008)
Office: ENB 366 | Phone: (813) 974-8823 | Email

Dr. Uysal's research interests include applications of wireless and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies for cold chain, pharmaceuticals and healthcare; as well as sensory data analysis, algorithm design and machine learning for different Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystems.



 Stavros Vakalis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Michigan State University (2022)
 Office: ENB 357 | Email

Dr. Vakalis' research interests lie in the area of applied electromagnetics with an emphasis on wireless millimeter-wave systems, millimeter-wave imaging, radar, sensing, signal processing, and communications. 


Jing Wang, Ph.D., Professor, University of Michigan (2006)
Office: ENB 378 | Phone: (813) 974-6011 | Email
Transducers Group
Dr. Wang's Fact Sheet
Dr. Wang's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Wang's research interests include nano/microfabrication, nanomaterials, RF MEMS devices, on-chip power generation, microfluidics, MEMS transducers, RF integrated circuit, wide bandgap materials, polymer nanocomposite and responsive polymers.



Yasin Yilmaz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Columbia University, 2014
Office: ENB 251 | Phone (813) 974-4788 | Email
Dr. Yilmaz's Webpage
Dr. Yilmaz's Research Group
Dr. Yilmaz's Google Scholar Link

Dr. Yilmaz's research interests are in the broad area of machine learning with applications in computer vision, cybersecurity, IoT, wireless communications, energy systems, transportation systems, socioeconomic systems, and environmental systems.  

Emeritus Faculty

Kenneth Buckle
Richard Gitlin iWinlab
Arthur David Snider
Thomas Wade

Courtesy Faculty
Yoganand (Yoga) Balaguranathan
Prasanta Kumar Biswas
Anna Pyayt
Ghulam Rasool 
Ehsan Sheybani
Pei-yuan Wu
Kaiqi Xiong

Adjunct Faculty*
Michael Celestin
James Culver
Timothy Fawcett
Jorge Galvis
Joel Howell

*May not be scheduled to teach every semester 

IMSE Faculty

patricia anzalone

Dr. Patricia Anzalone, CPEM 
Professor of Instruction & MSEM Program Director
Research Interests: Engineering Management, Human-Machine systems Engineering, Quality and Continuous Improvement, and Safety Engineering      Office: ENC 2202 | Phone: 813-974-5573


hadi charkhgard

Dr. Hadi Charkhgard
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Multi-Objective Optimization, Operations Research, Integer Programming, and Artificial Inteligence
Office: ENC 2509 | Phone: 813-974-2090 |Website  


Jamie Chilton

Dr. Jamie Chilton  
Assistant Professor of Instruction  
Research Interests: Engineering Education, Engineering Management, Productivity, Economics, and Entrepreneurship 
Office: ENG 009  |  Phone: 813-974-7918 


das green

Dr. Tapas K. Das
Department Chair
Research Interests: Pandemic Mitigation, Healthcare Engineering, and Electric Power Systems & Policy
Bio | Office: ENC 2403|Phone: 813-974-5585


kwon green

Dr. Changhyun Kwon
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Transportation Systems Analysis, Service Operations, and Risk Management
Office: ENC 2506 | Phone: 813-974-5588|Website


lai-yuen green

Dr. Susana Lai-Yuen
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Deep learning, Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Computational Geometry, and Engineering Education
Office: ENC 2505 | Phone: 813-974-5547 | Website


li green

Dr. Trung Le
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Data-Driven and Sensor-based Modeling, Bio-instrumentation and Bio-signal Processing, Predictive analytics
Office: ENC 2200 | Website


okogbaa green

Dr. Mingyang Li
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Data Science and Informatics, Bayesian Statistics, Reliability and Quality, and Heathcare Analytics
Office: ENC 2203|Phone: 813-974-5579 | Website



Dr. Kingsley Reeves
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Director
Research Interests: Education Engineering, Lean Six Sigma, and Engineering Education
For Student Appointments 
Office: 2405 | Phone: 813-974-3352 | Website 


savachkin green

Dr. Alex Savachkin
Associate Professor
Graduate Director (IE)
Research Interests: Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems
Bio | Office: ENC 2201 | Phone: 813-974-5577



Dr. Ankit Shah
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Cybersecurity Analytics, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Adversarial Machine Learning, Combinatorial Optimization, and Stochastic Dynamic Programming                                    Website | Office : ENC 2211 | Phone: 813-974-5584 



Dr. Walter Silva
Assistant Professor of Instruction & Director of Graduate Certificate Programs.
Research Interests: Pandemic Mitigation, Data Analytics, Applied O.R., and Engineering Education
Office: ENG 010 | Phone: 813-974-9442 


weng green

Dr. Michael Weng
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Applied O.R., Computer Numeric Methods, and Scheduling
Office: ENC 2211 | Phone: 813-974-5575 


yalcin green

Dr. Ali Yalcin
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Health and Engineering Systems Modeling, Analytics Applications, and Engineering Education
Bio & Website |Office: ENC 2213 | Phone: 813-974-5590 


zayas-castro green

Dr. José Zayas-Castro
Research Interests: Healthcare Systems Engineering, Economic and Cost Systems, Manufacturing and R&D strategy, Engineering Education, and Engineering Entrepreneurship
Office: ENC 3509 | Phone: 813-974-5589

ME faculty

nicholas baksh

Nicholas Baksh
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Research Area: Biomaterials, Polymers Synthesis 
Office: ENG 214 | Email




Glen Besterfield
Associate Professor
Dean, Admissions
Associate Vice President, Student Success.
Research Area: Finite Element Analysis, Computational Mechanics, Mechanical Design, Bascule bridges
                              Email | Phone: 813-905-4681


Redwan Alqasemi

Redwan Alqasemi
Research Professor and Lead Researcher, CARRT
Research Areas:  Robotics, Assistive Technology, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Prosthetics, Controls
Office: ENG 007 | Phone: 813-974-2115 | WebsiteLab Website  | Youtube

Stephanie Carey

Stephanie Carey
Assistant Research Professor
Research Area: Applied Biomechanics, Rehabilitation Engineering, Prosthetics
Office: ENG 008  |  Phone: 813-974-5765 | Lab Website  


Rajiv Dubey

Rajiv Dubey
Professor & Department Chair
Research Area: Rehabilitation Robotics; Prosthetics and Orthotics, Dynamic Systems and Controls
Office: ENC 2303  |  Phone: 813-974-5619  |  Lab Website



Nancy Diaz-Elsayed

Assistant Professor 
Research Area: Manufacturing; Smart and Sustainable Systems; Data-Driven Modeling
Email | Office: ENB 334 | Website


Delcie Durham

Delcie Durham

Professor Emerita
Research Area: Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing

Nathan Gallant

Nathan Gallant
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
Research Area: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Office: ENC 2504  |  Phone: 813-974-5840  | Website  



Miguel Goni Rodrigo
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Research Area: Nanoscale Heat Transfer and Solid Mechanics
Office: ENC 1203  |  Phone: 813-974-7364


Rasim Guldiken

Rasim Guldiken
Associate Professor & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Research Area: Microfluidics, Acoustics, MEMS, Engineering Education Research
Email  | Phone: 813-974-5628

Lab Website | Youtube  |Open Courseware and FE Review


Daniel Hess

Daniel Hess
Research Area: Vibrations, Friction, Fasteners
Office: ENC 2205  |  Phone: 813-974-5643


Autar Kaw

Autar Kaw
Research Area: Engineering Education Research, Mechanics
Office: ENC 2215  |  Phone: 813-974-5626
Website   YouTube   Blog  


Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar
Research Area: Nanomaterials, Microelectronics, Thin Film Technology
Office: ENB 252  |  Phone: 813-974-3942 |  Website |  Lab Website  


Craig Lusk

Craig Lusk
Associate Professor
Research Area: Compliant Mechanisms and Biomechanics
Office: ENC 2507  |  Phone: 813-974-1394  



Wenbin Mao
Assistant Professor
Research Area: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Cardiovascular Biomechanics
Office: ENB 372A  |  Phone: 813-974-6636  |  Lab Website  


Ajit Mujumdar

Ajit Mujumdar
Professor of Instruction & Undergraduate Program Director
Research Area: Powder Technology, Discrete Element Simulations
Office: ENC 1201  |  Phone: 813-974-9677  |  Website  


David Murphy

David Murphy
Assistant Professor
Research Area: Fluid Mechanics, Animal Biomechanics, Oil Spills
Office: ENC 2204  |  Phone: 813-974-5625  |  Website  


Frank Myrtle III

Frank Pyrtle, III
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Research Area: Thermal Management, Heat Transfer
Office: ENC 3507  |  Phone: 813-974-9015  |  Website  


Kyle Reed

Kyle Reed
Associate Professor
Research Area: Rehabilitation Engineering and Haptics
Office: ENC 2503  |  Phone: 813-974-2385  |  Website |  Lab Website


Arman Sargolzaei

Arman Sargolzaei
Assistant Professor
Research Area: Linear and Non-linear Control Theory, Security of Networked Control Systems, Safety and Security of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Control and Optimization, Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Email | Office: ENC 2510 Phone: 813-974-5578 | Lab Website 

Alex Volinsky

Alex Volinsky
Associate Professor
Research Area: Thin Films Processing, Mechanical Properties and Characterization
Office: ENC 2214  Phone: 813-974-5658  |  Website  



Michael Cai Wang
Assistant Professor
Research Area: Nano-science/nano-manufacturing, Interfacial/surface phenomena
Office: ENC 2206  |  Phone: 813-974-8586  |  Lab Website  


Stuart Wilkinson

Stuart Wilkinson
Associate Professor
Research Area: Energy Systems Design, Bionomic Engineering
Office: ENG 131  |  Phone: 813-974-5645  


Shut Jing Ying

Shuh Jing Ying
Professor Emeritus
Office: ENG 146  |  Phone: 813-974-5627



Ipek Yucelen
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Research Area: Nanoscale Materials
Office: ENG 118C  |  Phone: 813-396-9353


Tansel Yucelin

Tansel Yucelen
Associate Professor
Research Area: Systems and Control 
Office: ENC 2209  |  Phone: 813-974-5656  |  Website



Sarah (Ying) Zhong
Assistant Professor
Research Area: Energy Management Technologies and Smart Health Improvement Systems
Office: ENC 2508  |  Phone: 813-974-7909  |  Lab Website