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ADvance USF's workplace experience 

Tips for developing the whole person:

  • Seek opportunities for both formal and informal learning. 
  • Consider experiences that would add to a resume such as awards, milestones, credentials or committee work. 
  • Take inventory of current skills, competencies and strengths; Then create a plan for future growth.
  • Keep motivating factors in mind when planning opportunities. Two simple questions to ask are “what gets you excited to come to work? What drains you?”
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching: Meet our coaches!

Our executive coaches are available to senior leaders and C-suite personnel. Coaches work one-on-one with each client to develop the right support mechanisms for each situation. Learn more on our Executive Development page. 

development and reskilling

Whether you're seeking development for yourself or your employees, there are multiple options to appeal to all different needs and learning styles.

Self-Reflection: Competencies for Leading the Organization

Consider these competencies for "leading the Organization" by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). 

  • Strategic Perspective: Understands the viewpoint of higher management and effectively analyzes complex problems
  • Being a Quick Study: Quickly masters new technical and business knowledge Skill Required Agility
  • Decisiveness: Prefers quick and approximate actions in many management situations
  • Change Management: Uses effective strategies to facilitate org. change initiatives and overcome resistance to change

The competencies are covered in our new Organizational Intelligence Leadership program. You can learn more about the program on our Leadership Programs page.

If you'd like to consider more personalized skills that relate to your own strengths, visit our Career Development page for guidance in identifying a path for growth. Once you've identified the skills or competencies you'd like to build, consider everyday learning opportunities in addition to formal training. 

Developing and Reskilling Employees

Visit our Performance Management for Success page for guidance in development-based conversations throughout the year.

Our Career Development page may be helpful for an employee who is considering different interests, skills and planning for the future.  

Have you already identified skills that an employee needs to develop?

DEVELOPMENT OPTIONS: Learn from experiences and people

Consider that a popular learning and development strategy is the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development.

  • Taking on real-world, challenging assignments may represent 70% of learning. 
  • Learning from others via shadowing or coaching may represent 20% of learning. 
  • Formal coursework and training may represent 10% of learning.

The Center for Creative Leadership recommendations the following for on the job learning:


  • Identify stretch assignments that map to aspirational competencies.
  • Staff for future development, not just past performance. New project? In addition to assigning proven performers, assign new individuals who could grow from the experience.
  • Create new experiences by creatively identifying everyday development opportunities such as job shadowing, teaching others or group membership.
  • Enrich learning from experience by offering reflection assignments or mentoring (even peer mentoring can be valuable).
  • Promote an experience-driven development culture by infusing the above into everyday work life. Recognize that learning is everywhere and does not need to be a separate activity from the job.

Read more about these recommendations here. It may also be helpful to review our Networking Opportunities page to identify possible collaborative opportunities.

DEVELOPMENT OPTIONS: Learn from Training

Live Webinars

The HR-Learning & Talent Development team is offering live webinars through Microsoft Teams. These live webinars provide another avenue of training and development for USF employees who are working remotely as well as employees who are seeking a convenient, personable alternative to classroom training. Click here to visit the live webinar page.

Earn Badges and Certificates

Do you want to share your accomplishments for others to see? We offer a growing number of programs in which you can earn badges and certificates. Learn more about badge and certificate program options here.

Options for On demand e-learning

LinkedIn Learning offers over 16,000 online courses ranging from software tutorials to soft skills and professional development. Learn more about free employee access to LinkedIn Learning here.

USF Employee Learning provides over 100 self-paced courses and programs developed specifically by USF for you to take now. Easily search by keyword or narrow by category (such as "compliance"). Learn more about USF Employee Learning here.

  • For Position-Related Training, USF Employee Learning provides over 100 self-paced courses and programs developed specifically by USF for you to take now. Easily search by keyword or narrow by category (such as "compliance"). 
  • In addition to robust search features, USF Employee Learning provides enrollment to courses by direct links.

On-Demand E-learning and Live Courses

As part of the USF HR Employee Success Initiative, USF Employees are now eligible to attend programs through Corporate Training and Professional Development (CTPE) at a discounted rate, or even at no cost, depending on the offering. In most cases, limited seats are available per session. Click here to view the offerings through our partnership with CTPE.

Semester-Long College Courses

USF offers the Employee Tuition Program (ETP) to help our employees reach their educational goals. The ETP allows full time USF employees (excluding Temporary employees) to waive the tuition costs of up to 6 credit hours per semester. Click here to learn more about the Employee Tuition Program.

Manage Dynamics

How is your team functioning? Customized webinars and organizational development activities can serve to reward high- performing teams or resolve issues in a dysfunctional ones.

HR Learning & Talent Development Customized Webinars

Through customized webinars, HR Learning & Talent Development facilitators can tailor training content to meet a team’s specific needs, determined by research-based assessments, best practices and tools, in an interactive, remote environment. Learn more about webinar offerings, such as Team Building with CliftonStrengths, on our Live Webinars page.

Organization Development for USF Departments and Teams

Learning & Talent Development is pleased to offer Organizational Development (OD) Consulting services to USF departments and teams. We are experienced in, and dedicated to, assessing, researching, designing, delivering, and evaluating team and organization engagements in the areas of strategic planning and implementation, organizational assessments, change management, team development, and retreat design and facilitation around organizational priorities. Visit our Organization Development page to learn more.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Recruitment and Onboarding for Success: Our newly revised recruitment training helps to recruit top talent at USF by focusing on the candidate experience. Access the recruitment training here.

An employee's first weeks and months on the job are a critical time to begin building a successful working relationship. 

Onboarding Guidance

This is your opportunity to set goals and expectations, train new employees on job-specific tasks, and introduce them to others who will play a role in their professional development. We have a number of tools to assist you with onboarding and developing your new employee. Access this downloadable guide of A Manager's Guide to Welcoming and Orienting a New Employee to USF. 

Review our Onboarding page to see the information that is available to new hires, including easily accessible links to an Employee Resource Guide and Benefits Summary. Note that we now have an online orientation available for temporary employees!

Consider gathering a list of required trainings for new employees ahead of time. Our new platform, USF Employee Learning, makes it easier to view categories of trainings for new employees. Learn more about USF Employee Learning here.

USF Employee Learning screenshot

Workplace culture

Enable a Healthy Workplace Culture: Often described as the overall character of an organization, workplace culture can include components such as vision, sense of belonging, opportunity for growth,  recognition and much more.

As with learning, recognition opportunities can also be formal or informal. In addition to making employees feel appreciated, consider that some types of recognition can also bolster an employee's credentials.

Awards and Recognition

Recognition does not always need to be be formal. Informal recognition can go a long way to make someone simply feel seen and appreciated. Gather ideas for informal recognition and learn about formal opportunities such as the outstanding staff awards and length of service on our Recognition Opportunities page.

Our Informal Recognition page has additional ideas for managers wishing to recognize employees in creative ways.


As employee well-being is a top concern for leadership, here are some great resources that USF provides.

Explore our Wellness section. This provides University resources for all 9 dimensions of well-being. 

LinkedIn Learning provides instant access to your choice of quick videos or full courses on topics such as stress-relief and work-life balance. Consider topics for your own well-being as well as those for your team. Learn more about free employee access to LinkedIn Learning here.

The University of South Florida's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a service program designed to assist employees with personal, family, or workplace concerns/issues. A robust EAP program is an important component of any workplace community, and services are provided by Magellan Health Services, a national leader in behavioral health care. Click here to access the EAP through our Benefits site. Access an overview tutorial of the EAP here.

Networking & Community

Community & Networking: It is important to recognize that community and networking experiences offer much more than opportunities for socialization. In the right circumstances, humans learn more from other people than from formal training. Additionally, "sense of belonging" is a top factor in a positive workplace culture; This means happier, engaged employees who want to stay.

Visit our Networking Opportunities page to learn about events and organizations that may be of interest.  

Be sure to visit our growing list of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These are voluntary and led by employees themselves. ERGs, or affinity groups, help to provide a sense of community and well-being by reducing isolation that employees may feel.



Check our Events calendar for upcoming topics. (You can find the calendar at the bottom of the Employee Success Center homepage).