About CITL


Group of USF faculty part of CITL meeting together for faculty development discussions.

You’re doing work that matters.
We’re here to help.

The team at the Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning is committed to providing the support services you need as an educator on any one of USF’s three campuses. CITL is dedicated to facilitating your growth as an instructor and learner. We offer programs and services to energize your career in instruction and research and we support faculty success:

Faculty Learning Communities

Your career in academia is purpose-driven, and it is sustained through connection and collaboration. Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) are designed to guide you deeper into a subject while fostering communication across disciplines and promoting innovation in teaching and learning. FLCs are faculty-led, small-group communities focused on a single topic over the course of a year.

Teaching and Learning Research Grants

CITL promotes teaching that leads to meaningful student learning. The centerpiece of that commitment is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Offering annual grants, the Teaching and Learning Research program includes training and development for researchers new to the program.

Faculty Scholars Programs

The Faculty Scholars Program furthers the work of seasoned faculty at USF by supporting development, programming and learning initiatives on all three campuses. To enable participating faculty to focus on their projects and the developmental support goals of the program, CITL facilitates a reduction in teaching load.

Additional services

As part of your continuing professional development, CITL facilitates immersive experiences and personalized feedback. Available to you as a USF faculty member are teacher assistant training sessions, one-on-one consultations with faculty (by appointment) and in-classroom observations.