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New faculty members joining CITL to further their faculty development.

You’re doing meaningful work with USF students every day. And every day, the Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning (CITL) is here to support that work and aid in your development as an instructor and researcher.

We promote evidence-based practices for the advancement of learning, teaching and scholarly activity. This includes providing the resources you need to fulfill your potential as an instructor. We support an environment to explore new and innovative ways to engage in learning and scholarship through open dialogue, research, feedback and reflection.  Faculty development is available on all three campuses for faculty and graduate teaching assistants. We are here to help you succeed. Discover how we can help you become more inspired, empowered, and nurtured in your teaching role at USF:

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Confidentiality at CITL

At CITL, we value you as a learner and a scholar. We encourage faculty to explore new and innovative ways to engage in their courses and scholarship and seek to provide an environment that promotes such activities. This is why all conversations and documents related to consultations and in-class observations are strictly confidential between CITL and the individual instructor. No information is passed on for departmental, merit or tenure review evaluation.


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