Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning (CITL)

Programs & Grants

Faculty attending a CITL program to learn more about their programs and grants.

The team at CITL understands that your courses are more effective when you’re also actively engaged in learning. Our faculty success programs were created to help your academic career flourish. They help you hone your skills and expand your community across disciplines. CITL programs are informed by your colleagues, the latest research, best practices and insights from educational experts. Plus, they are funded by CITL grants, so you can focus on meeting your goals as an instructor.


Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) provide a deep dive into a single subject over a year. FLCs are faculty-led communities of six to 12 members that are designed to foster communication across disciplines and drive innovation in teaching and learning. Members spend the year reading, researching, discussing and exploring solutions to an issue or question at the heart of their community’s inquiry.

Each year, CITL announces a call for proposals for new FLC facilitators and new topics. Each FLC develops its own schedule for meeting throughout the year. CITL provides funding to support each FLC’s activities related to its topic or specific agenda. At the end of the year, participants share their project with the USF community through numerous CITL events. Click here for more information.

Inclusive and Equitable Pedagogy Program

CITL is collaborating with the Anti-Racism Initiative, the Faculty Success Initiative, Innovation Education and the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity to deliver an Inclusive and Equitable Pedagogy Program to the USF community. This program takes the form of a workshop series, Canvas pedagogy course and learning community. Click here for more information.


CITL is dedicated to the support of educational processes, advocacy of research-based best practices and contributions to the body of scholarship on learning and teaching. To that end, CITL funds the Teaching and Learning Research Grant program. Annual grants are available to full-time instructional faculty, the program includes training and development for researchers who are new to the area of research. A distinctive bonus of the CITL grant program: Upon completion, research results are guaranteed to be shared with the broader USF community.


Seasoned faculty members have achieved success in academia in part by critically reflecting on their teaching approach and their student outcomes. CITL is committed to supporting the development of experienced faculty at USF by promoting the Faculty Scholars Program, which was created to support development, programming and learning initiatives on all three campuses. To enable participating faculty to focus on their projects and the developmental goals of the program, CITL facilitates a reduced teaching load.