Thank-A-Professor Program

Attention USF Bulls: At the end of the semester, thank a professor!

If a faculty member at USF facilitated an unforgettable learning experience, take a moment and let them know. Thank USF professors who have…

  • engaged you in your learning
  • created an inclusive and supportive learning environment
  • taught you in innovative ways
  • challenged you to excel inside and outside of the classroom
  • inspired you to learn more and pursue your goals
  • helped you overcome a difficulty or challenging learning experience 

How it works:

  • Compose your note using the online submission form below.
  • Share any details you can to help your professor know why you are so thankful. 
    You can choose to include your name or remain anonymous.
  • The submission form will be open from November 7th to December 2nd.
  • The USF Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) will send your note to the professor. Thank you notes will be sent out after December 13th.
  • Contact with any questions.