Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning (CITL)

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USF faculty members utilizing CITL services for faculty development.

CITL adheres to the growth mindset, affirming that teaching and learning are skills that can be improved through regular and thoughtful efforts. At USF, this is accomplished through a variety of complementary academic support services for all faculty.

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Because it can be a challenge to assess your own effectiveness in the classroom, CITL provides the valuable service of classroom observations. This service is offered only to faculty members who directly request it for their own benefit. These are collegial consultations, not formal evaluations, that will highlight your opportunities to improve student engagement and success. If you request an observation, the results are not shared with anyone but you.


As you begin your career as an instructor, you need specific support for your learning and teaching goals. CITL provides individual and group consultations, workshops and research or literature on your particular academic initiative. The CITL team is also prepared to facilitate conversations and discussions centered on learning and teaching. Let us know your needs so that CITL can provide the programming and training support to deliver optimal results.


(By Appointment Only)  

Teaching is inherently a shared experience. That’s why consultation is an essential component of your growth as an instructor. CITL offers confidential, collegial consultations about pedagogy, instructional design and any teaching-related concerns you may have. Our consultation services are open to all faculty. We value your privacy and do not report consultations to anyone. If you need advice about student evaluation scores, handling problematic students, adjusting the curriculum to introduce innovations and finding new technologies to improve engagement in your college classroom, CITL can help.


As an instructor, you need all the tools available to help you succeed. CITL is committed to providing resources for pedagogy and technology that support university research, teaching and learning. Use our faculty, adjunct and teaching assistant resources to strengthen your instruction and curriculum development, design new classroom learning environments, and harness technology that benefits your students.


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