Online Course Design and Development (OCDD)

Services Offered

Innovative Education's (InEd) Online Course Design and Development Team collaborates with faculty to develop new and enhance existing online courses. While working with the OCDD team faculty collaborate with an enthusiastic team of instructional designers dedicated to creating high quality online courses. OCDD offers a range of instructional design and multimedia services tailored to meet the needs of each instructor and each course. Some typical services are:

Considerations When Choosing Courses

In deciding what courses to choose for online development, please know higher consideration is given to if the course is:

About the Process

  1. The USF InED Online Course Design and Development (OCDD) team meets three times a year with the Associate Dean from each college to review the college's online course strategy and list of proposed courses.

  2. Once the associate dean has identified courses for development a Course Development Intake form is submitted. Please see the schedule below for deadlines.

  3. In the weeks prior to the conversion semester, kickoff meetings take place. During the kickoff meeting faculty will work a project manager to learn more about the services available, share information about the course and create a course development plan.

  4. Each course development cycle lasts one semester unless otherwise approved by the college.

Getting Started with Online Course Development

Contact your associate dean and your department chair if you would like to propose a course for conversion. There are three conversion cycles per year that follow the academic semester calendar. Below is a time table to help you plan.

  Deadline for Intake Forms to InEd Kickoffs Scheduled With Faculty Course Development Start and End
Summer 18 – Fall 18


4/2/18 - 4/27/18 Starts: 4/2/18 (first day of semester)
Ends: 8/10/18 (first day of semester)
Fall 18 Development*
(Includes Winter Session)


7/30/18 - 8/31/18 Starts: 7/30/18 (first day of semester)
Ends: 12/14/18 (first day of semester)
Spring 19 Development*
(Includes Winter Session)


12/3/18 - 12/14/18 Starts: 12/3/18 (first day of semester)
Ends: 5/10/19 (first day of semester)

* Tentative dates rely on the academic calendar being available.  All TBD course development dates will coincide with the first and last day of the semester.