The JWPC Grassroots Leadership Development Program provides an assets-based curriculum that has graduated over 485 community-driven leaders in the Tampa Bay region. This program is designed to be fluid in nature so that it can grow, change, and be adapted to the needs of the participants and its community partners.

The program incorporates a four-week, project- based leadership training, wherein multiple community projects are envisioned by participants and incorporated in the local community. The unique grassroots curriculum incorporates principles of self-determination, empowerment, collaborative leadership, community engagement, and cross-cultural networking to help local citizens catalyze community change. Participants engage in highly interactive, group processes as they practice what they learn. Sessions include teaching core leadership skills in the areas of visioning, project management, team building, resource development, communication, and meeting presentation.

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Pasco County Grassroots Leadership Program: Lachoochee-Trilby-Trilacoochee Leadership Academy Community Participants