Portrait of Sarah Painter.

Sarah Painter

My philosophy centers around building relationships with all stakeholders, so not just students but their families and the communities that they live in. Showing them that we see them, they matter and we care about them.

Portrait of Brian Korfeld presenting at the Tampa Synapse Summit

Brian Kornfeld

It’s amazing to think about how fast the region has grown, and I’m greatly looking forward to what will come in these next five years and how the region will continue to transform and grow.

USF Alumnus Jon Wilson with a key to the City of St. Petersburg. Courtesy of the Weekly Challenger

Jon Wilson

I worked for newspapers in St. Petersburg for 37 years, and this was the most rewarding aspect of my career. It is a pretty high honor, the highest award the mayor can give to a citizen. And I’m very proud of it.

Geraldine Twine throwing beads at a USF Homecoming event

Geraldine McKinnon Twine

I still don’t know that I was all that special. I’m just thankful that somebody else was able to benefit from the things I did.

Gilbert King

Gilbert King

It was the greatest feeling in the world. My mom is extremely proud of that degree.

Paige Railey on a sailboat

Paige Railey

I found the St. Petersburg campus pretty. It was right on the water; it wasn't just a land-based school. The thing I loved about it is that it had a smaller number of students, so I felt like I was more one-on-one with my professors, rather than going to a class that had 300 kids in it.