University of South Florida

Boundless Bulls

Sarah Painter

Sarah Painter is a fifth-grade teacher in Pinellas County, Fla. who has spent more than 18 years serving in the classroom. Her talent for developing lasting connections with her students and their families led her to be named Florida’s 2022 Teacher of the Year—a role in which she helps celebrate Florida teachers and elevate the education profession.  

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Faculty and Staff

Portrait of Jillian Heilman on the USF Tampa campus.

Jillian Heilman

"I want to teach future professionals who will be working with people like my family, who will advocate for people with disabilities and make sure they learn to look at the individual before they look at the diagnosis"


UPortrait of USF student, Ryan Shargo, at the Tampa campus.

Ryan Shargo

"I would definitely say I’m proud of myself, I really never imagined that I would be doing the things that I’ve done."


Portrait of Brian Korfeld presenting at the Tampa Synapse Summit

Brian Kornfeld

"It’s amazing to think about how fast the region has grown, and I’m greatly looking forward to what will come in these next five years and how the region will continue to transform and grow."

Faculty and Staff

Portrait of Beatriz Padilla

Beatriz Padilla

"I try to invite people from different places and take a cross-cultural approach in research."