Faculty and Staff

Mark Rains smiling outside with long grass and trees in the background

Mark Rains

Hydrology is as much a social challenge as it is a physical, chemical and biological challenge.

Portrait of DeWayne Anderson, assistant director at the Office of Multicultural Affairs on the USF St. Petersburg campus.

DeWayne Anderson

My role is to be the voice for students, to uplift and to ultimately educate students when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Portrait of associate professor, Fawn Ngo.

Fawn Ngo

I want my students to go forth and transform the criminal justice system into one that is fair to everyone.

Portrait of Sarah Sheffield

Sarah Sheffield

My favorite part of the job is teaching. It’s incredible to see all the amazing students here that are going to fix the problems in the world today, and I get to work with them as they’re developing those goals.

Portrait of Shivendu Shivendu outside the Muma College of Business at USF's Tampa campus

Shivendu Shivendu

Our focus is to solve problems, create value for society and for entrepreneurs.

Portrait of Jillian Heilman on the USF Tampa campus.

Jillian Heilman

I want to teach future professionals who will be working with people like my family, who will advocate for people with disabilities and make sure they learn to look at the individual before they look at the diagnosis