Faculty and Staff

Portrait of Ruthmae Sears

Ruthmae Sears

We need to find solutions that can really improve the quality of life within our communities, such that everyone can thrive.

Portrait of Beatriz Padilla

Beatriz Padilla

I try to invite people from different places and take a cross-cultural approach in research.

Les Shaw in his research lab

Les Shaw

I consider this to be the greatest job. I never want to do anything else because I love puzzles and problem solving, and there’s also this translational angle of helping people.

David Connelly

David Connelly

In my own life, education has played such a huge role. It transformed my life. That’s really where I want to give – to help students complete their education.

Florence Jandreau

Florence Jandreau

It’s really just incredible to think back on my career and remember all of the milestones and changes I’ve seen here. USF has certainly become a big part of my life and I will forever be grateful to all the directors, deans and fellow staff members that have made these years so wonderful.

Tom Pluckhahn on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico

Thomas Pluckhahn

It’s something I see as an obligation to try to find out more information about these sites before we lose them. But, it's also kind of a privilege to work at some of these impressive sites.