Faculty and Staff

Cayla Lanier

Cayla Lanier

I love working with students of all ages. I take every chance I can to encourage young people to go to college and pursue their dreams.

Brooke Hansen

Brooke Hansen

We see businesses, more and more, doing corporate social responsibility reports; doing environmental, social and governance reporting; and aligning with the U.N. sustainable development goals. This is the future.

Andrew Carroll teaching ballet students in a dance studio

Andrew Carroll

The Arts are important in life and in the community because they bring people together.

Portrait of Dr. Asa Oxner inside a patient room

Asa Oxner

We need to keep science at the forefront of medicine and we also need to make sure that our patients know that we are here for them.

Portrait of Nazek Jawad

Nazek Jawad

Students always have a fresh take on things, bringing different perspectives. My research serves as a bridge between their questions and the answers.

Portrait of Jeanne Travers, dance professor at the School of Theatre and Dance.

Jeanne Travers

One of my missions is to include my dancers as performers in my choreography that traveled to different countries