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Spring 2021 Commencement

A collection of short stories featuring some of USF's extraordinary Spring 2021 graduates.

Fatemeh Rasouli sitting in front of several computer monitors

Fatemeh Rasouli

When you go to a new country, in order to learn their culture and connect with their people, you need to learn the language. In order to understand this universe, you also need to learn the language and that's science.

Anna Marie Fennell

Anna Marie Fennell

There's a lot of pressure for people to pick a major and just stick to it. But, I think it's also true that college is definitely a place for you to explore all of the things that you're interested in.

Akil King sitting in front of the USF Marshall Student Center

Akil King

When I retired from the Navy, I decided that I wanted to continue my education. I made the best decision coming to USF and I couldn't ask for more support than through what is given through the Office of Veteran Success.

Richa Bisht walking on the USF campus

Richa Bisht

They provide so many resources to National Merit Scholarship recipients. USF has a plethora of opportunities, so many dedicated staff, administrators and faculty who are really here for you. I just think that whole support system for National Merit Scholars is really great.

Way Bandy

Way Bandy

It’s been challenging, both the coursework and the adjustment back into a classroom. Boy, has it ever. But the support and encouragement of people like Julie has continued me on this path.