University of South Florida

Boundless Bulls

Anna Marie Fennell

A lifelong artist, Anna Marie Fennell knows the transformative power art can have in someone's life. That's why the USF psychology major plans to work as a mental health counselor, using expressive arts therapy to help those in need. And while she's been focused on research and her academic success, Anna Marie has maintained her involvement in and passion for the arts – a reminder that USF Bulls are made of more than just their majors.

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Richa Bisht walking on the USF campus

Richa Bisht

"They provide so many resources to National Merit Scholarship recipients. USF has a plethora of opportunities, so many dedicated staff, administrators and faculty who are really here for you. I just think that whole support system for National Merit Scholars is really great."

Faculty and Staff

Tom Pluckhahn on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico

Thomas Pluckhahn

"It’s something I see as an obligation to try to find out more information about these sites before we lose them. But, it's also kind of a privilege to work at some of these impressive sites."


Success Ekpenyong

Success Ekpenyong

"It was a very impossible mission to come study here in the U.S., considering the type of background I'm from."

Faculty and Staff

USF faculty member Kemesha Gabbidon

Kemesha Gabbidon

"I’m excited to get folks in the community involved with this research. To me, it’s their project at the end of the day. Some people say we’re giving a voice to the voiceless, but these members of the community already have a voice. We’re just giving them the space to speak."