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Cade prize candidates Ashwin Parthasarathy and Karthik Sriram

Meet USF’s Cade Prize Candidate: Startup SPKL unites old friends in a quest to develop new medical technology

A friendship formed in middle school a half a world away is the foundation for a new USF startup working to bring better blood flow measurement technology to market.

September 22, 2021Research and Innovation

NEWgenerator on a forklift at USF

Commercialization of USF-invented sanitation system set to begin

The latest version of the USF-invented NEWgenerator is on its way to South Africa to begin the process of entering mass production. The solar-powered machine generates nutrients, energy and water by safely recovering them from human wastewater – a technology built to address global sanitation concerns.

September 15, 2021Research and Innovation

Mechanic installs a car battery

Plastics aren’t what we think. New study finds they’re a tad rubbery, paving the way for better products

A breakthrough by researchers at the University of South Florida and collaborating institutions around the world could pave the way for better products, such as improved batteries, automobile paint and cellphone screens.

August 18, 2021Research and Innovation

Two scientists in a lab

USF College of Engineering to launch undergraduate degree in environmental engineering

The Florida Board of Governors has approved the initiation of a new undergraduate program in environmental engineering for fall 2022.

June 1, 2021University News

Woman behind the wheel of a connected vehicle.

Auto manufacturers test connected vehicle technology implemented in Tampa Bay, evaluated at USF

The USF Center for Urban Transportation Research has entered the fourth and final phase of a $22 million project funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation to create and implement connected vehicle technology in downtown Tampa.

May 27, 2021Research and Innovation

Sonny Holtzman

Sonny Holtzman inducted into the 2021 Florida Transportation Hall of Fame

Sylvan (Sonny) Holtzman, a powerhouse with more than 60 years of service as a lawyer and public servant, has been selected as a Hall of Fame inductee by the Center for Urban Transportation Research.

May 27, 2021Honors and Awards

  Researchers from the Nanomechanics, Nanomaterials, NanoManufacturing Laboratory (NM3L) who contributed to this work (from left): Utkarsh Misra (sophomore in Electrical Engineering), Ossie Douglas (PhD student in Mechanical Engineering), and MD Rubayat-E Tanjil (PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering).

New method to improve durability of nano-electronic components to help further semiconductor manufacturing and resilience

USF Mechanical Engineering assistant professor Michael Cai Wang and his research team recently developed a novel approach to mitigating electromigration in nanoscale electronic interconnects that are ubiquitous in state-of-the-art integrated circuits.

May 18, 2021Research and Innovation

USF Professor Norma Alcantar

USF Engineering Professor Norma Alcantar to be inducted into Florida Inventors Hall of Fame

USF Professor Norma Alcantar—who engineered an ancient practice of cleaning water with cactus mucilage to create modern technologies—is among seven new inductees to the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame announced today.

April 29, 2021Honors and Awards, University News

Multiple people participate in a virtual meeting

Internship program pairs students with socially and environmentally responsible businesses

The University of South Florida is launching a new student internship program that will train students how to work with and help certify businesses who want to meet the highest standards for social and environmental operations and leadership.

April 13, 2021University News

Engineering Expo graphic

USF Engineering Expo celebrates 49th year with virtual events

Since 1973, the College of Engineering has hosted an elaborate science fair for K-12 students. Amid an unprecedented pandemic, the longtime tradition continued in a virtual format, helping inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

March 1, 2021University News

Coral reef growths in the Gulf of Mexico

USF doctoral students combining engineering and anthropology to inform Florida’s Coral Reef restoration and monitoring

More than 300 miles of coral reefs stretch across Florida’s Atlantic coast. While this marine habitat is home to hundreds of aquatic species and plays an important role in the state’s economy, it is also in danger of disappearing. But a new project from a team of University of South Florida doctoral students is taking an interdisciplinary approach to protect and restore these vital habitats.

February 10, 2021Research and Innovation

SpaceX flight

Satellites engineered by USF students and faculty launch during world record mission

Three of the 143 satellites aboard spaceflight company SpaceX’s first dedicated rideshare mission were engineered by students and faculty at the USF Institute of Applied Engineering.

January 29, 2021Research and Innovation

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