Appointing a Postdoc

Minimum Postdoctoral Salary

  • All research and clinical postdocs must be appointed for at least 12 months. (The initial appointment can be anywhere from 12-24 months). Instructional Postdocs (Job Code 9195) may be appointed on a 9-month academic calendar, but their biweekly rate must be at least $1,826.
  • The minimum annual salary shall be the minimum used at USF. For 2023, the minimum salary is set at $47,659. Generally, the postdoctoral scholar's stipend will be paid through the USF Payroll Department. Postdocs may not be paid on an hourly basis.
  • We strongly recommend that all postdocs are paid on the NIH-NRSA postdoc scale when possible. 
  • Postdocs on NIH NSRA awards should always be compensated according to the NIH scale for FY 2023.

NIH Kirschstein-NSRA (T32, T90, TL1, F32) FY2023 Postdoctoral Stipend Levels

Years of Experience


0 $56,484
1 $56,880
2 $57,300
3 $59,592
4 $61,572
5 $63,852
6 $66,228
7 or More $68,604