Appointing a Postdoc

Postdoctoral Appointment Types, Duration, and FTE

All postdoctoral appointments must have an initial appointment length of at least 12 months at 1.0 FTE. The only exception are instructional postdocs (9195) who may be on a 9-month academic calendar. Reappointments should be 1.0 FTE in 12 month increments and not exceed 24 months.

Postdocs may move in between postdoctoral job codes at USF but the total duration cannot exceed five years. At the end of a postdoctoral appointment, a postdoc must either separate from the university or move into a line (permanent) position at USF. Postdocs may not become hourly (OPS) employees or research volunteers.

Research Postdoctoral Scholar (job code 9180)

This is the most common category of postdoctoral appointee. This is an individual who has received a doctoral degree (or equivalent) and is engaged in scholarly research, usually under the supervision of a faculty mentor, in preparation for a full-time academic and/or research career. Appointments must not extend beyond five years in this category.

Clinical Postdoctoral Scholar (job code 9194)

An individual who has received a doctoral degree (or equivalent) and has come to the University to gain additional clinical training after completing his or her residency. This classification may also apply to individuals who hold a Doctorate of Medicine and are enrolled in programs at affiliated hospitals and institutes for the purpose of obtaining additional clinical training before embarking on independent careers as physicians. Clinical postdoctoral scholars may not be reappointed after three years.

Instructional Postdoctoral Scholar (job code 9195)

An individual who has received a doctoral degree (or equivalent) and is engaged in a defined period of mentored instructional assignments to enhance the professional skills needed to pursue his or her chosen career path. This training includes all relevant scholarly activities related to the preparation for a career in teaching. Appointments may not extend beyond three years. This is the only postdoctoral job code that may be appointed on the 9-month academic calendar.  Please note that 9-month appointments are not advisable if the postdoc is on a visa and the department expects to renew the appointment in the Fall.